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The Precioustone

The Precioustone (プレシャストーン Pureshasutōn?) is a mysterious stone from the dream world known as Maginaryworld. It appeared in the Dreamcast game Sonic Shuffle.


The Precioustone keeps Maginaryworld under control while residing in the Temple of Light. The Precioustone is shattered by Void, which causes Maginaryworld to fall into disaster. The many dream worlds that were created were starting to change, as they are encased in the dark magic that the Precioustone could not stop anymore. After being brought to the world by Lumina Flowlight, Sonic and friends then set out on a quest to find all the pieces of the Precioustone and repair it. Dr. Eggman also followed Sonic to Maginaryworld since he learned of the power of the Precioustone, but rather than playing the role as the villain he is slightly helpful at times or causes minor havoc for the players as a way for punishing them for not doing well on the board. Eventually, the heroes repair the stone and leave Maginaryworld.


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