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Prince Charnock and Splorg

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This character exists primarily within the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.
Prince Charnok and Splorg
First appearance

Close Encounter of the Sonic Kind
(First and only appearance)

Physical description
  • Lizard-like alien (Prince Charnok)
  • Cell blob (Splorg)

Prince Charnock and Splorg are characters who appear in "Close Encounter of the Sonic Kind".


Charnock is a green lizard-like alien with a squid-like head, while Splorg is a floating spectated red blob resembling a red blood cell. Charnock is on vacation and seems to be a bit of an idiot, while Splorg is smart, pompous and arrogant. The two crash-land their ship on Mobius thanks to Robotnik's new Electro-Suction Plate, while on their way back to their homeplanet of Rhombus. Charnock is supposed to be crowned king of the planet in just two hours, but their ship is now in pieces. It also revealed that Charnock is on vacation, but if he cannot reach his coronation in time, his unnamed baby brother will become king and destroy Mobius.

Sonic and Tails rescue the two from Scratch and Grounder and help them locate the missing pieces of their ship. However, after Sonic finds most, the ship's two most important pieces are missing - the cockpit's pressurizing canopy and the naviagational nose-cone. The four head off to find them, quickly finding the cockpit canopy. Charnock is fascinated by the planet's nature but he nearly is eaten by a snake, steps into a river and falls down a cliff. During a landslide, the heroes and the robots accidentally mix up the ship's nose-cone for Grounder's nose. Sonic defeats Scratch and Grounder, but soon discovers Robotnik has Tails, Charnock and Splorg prisoner. Sonic gives himself up to save his friends and Mobius, and the aliens gets their nose-cone back. Charnock has one last trick up his sleeve, photographing Robotnik's hovercraft, but "accidentally" knocking over a giant rock that crushes Robotnik. The four race back to the spaceship and Charnock and Splorg head off to the coronation. Charnock also reveals before leaving that his baby brother is literally his baby brother - he's actually only two years old (meaning that he would have destroyed Mobius due to being too young to understand the consequences of destroying a planet).

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