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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Post-Super Genesis Wave continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.
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For the version of this character before the Super Genesis Wave, see Sally Acorn (Pre-Super Genesis Wave).
Quotation1 I was born to lead, and one day I'll take the throne. Until then, I'm perfectly happy leading my Freedom Fighters! Quotation2
Sally Acorn
Princess Sally Acorn
Sally Post WWC V2
Sally Alicia Acorn
First appearance

Sonic the Hedgehog #252

Real-world designer(s)

Ben Bates

Biographical overview



King Acorn (father)

Physical description

Anthropomorphic ground squirrel




Tan, light brown


Dark auburn



  • Azure denim vest
  • Azure knee-high boots
  • White gloves with navy blue cuffs
  • Black tank-top
  • Black skin-tight shorts with white trim
Alignment and character traits


Powers and abilities
  • Acrobatic skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Martial arts skills
  • Skilled strategist
  • Swordsmanship
  • Extreme Gear skills

Princess Sally Alicia Acorn is one of the main protagonists in the Sonic the Hedgehog and its spin-off comic series published by Archie Comics. She is an anthropomorphic ground squirrel, the daughter of King Acorn and leader of the New Freedom Fighters. Born as the heir to her fathers throne, she was taken, as a child, to the sanctuary of Knothole Village in the Wood Zone by her Nannie Rosie Woodchuck when her father was betrayed by his royal adviser, Dr. Eggman and led the New Freedom Fighters on many field missions against the scientist when he took power after banishing the King to the Special Zone. After King Acorn was rescued and resumed his role as king, Sally continued to lead the New Freedom Fighters in the ongoing battle against the Eggman Empire.


Sally's design was first revealed at New York Comic Con (NYCC) 2012. She is an anthropomorphic ground squirrel with tan-brown fur (with light brown on the face and torso) as well as short, auburn hair, blue eyes, and a short bushy tail. As opposed to her pre-Super Genesis Wave self, Sally has bigger eyes, rounded cheeks, a more rounded hairstyle, and a outfit strikingly similar to her Mecha Sally armor. Her new clothes consist of a black, sleeveless crop-top and black shorts, both with white rimming, darker blue boots with white outlines on the buckles, and white gloves with blue bangles. She retains her blue vest, but she now wears it closed and, like her boots, it is colored a slightly darker shade of blue than originally. Her tan-colored underbelly also remains.


Early life

Sally was born as the heir to the Kingdom of Acorn and lived a peaceful life in Mobotropolis, always playing and enjoying life with her father. However, one night, her sleep was interrupted by Roise, who scooped her up in her arms, and spirited her away to the safety of Knothole Village in the Wood Zone, after the kings royal advisor (the man who would later come to be known as Dr. Eggman) betrayed him and banished him and the royal wizard Walter Naugus into the Special Zone, allowing him to take over the kingdom. Inspired by the heroism of Sonic the hedgehog, she assembled the New Freedom Fighters, whom she led as the field leader, to combat the Eggman Empire. After several years, the Freedom Fighters were finally able to take back the city, where Sonic rescued King Acorn. With the Eggman Empire still possessing a strong hold in the rest of the world, King Acorn returned to his duty as King, allowing his daughter to continue leading the Freedom Fighters.

Sally also appears to have been friends with the scientist Dr. Ellidy, who gifted her with a highly advanced handheld computer. Upon determining that the A.I. within was a "she," Sally asked the doctor for her name, and Ellidy found himself unable to answer. Her father suggested that she name the computer after a queen from their family line: Nicole. Ellidy, who went into retirement after giving Sally Nicole, later developed the Ring-Blades, which would become Sally's signature weapon as a Freedom Fighter.

Countdown to Chaos

Note: From the readers point of view, this picks up from where Sally's original timeline ended.
Amy and Sally1

Sally and Amy's minds are flooded with restored memories of the unaltered world.

During an undercover mission for the Sky Patrol, Sally found herself aboard the Death Egg evading capture. She managed to escape, but not before being caught on the Death Egg's security cameras. Eggman learned of her presence upon his return after a misadventure across the planet. He summoned Metal Sonic to hunt her down, vowing that Sonic will never see her alive. Sally evaded Metal Sonic until a well-timed hit sent her crashing into Mobotropolis and at the feet of Amy Rose, Cream, Bean and Bark. Members of the Royal Palace Guard attempted to aid Sally and Amy in fighting Metal Sonic, but were stopped, only for Sonic and Tails to rescue the two. After a tearful reunion from Sonic and a reunion with her father, King Acorn, Sally was requested by Nicole to return to Sky Patrol. There, Sally and Amy regained their memories of the previous world, which caused Sally to break down in grief over her actions as Mecha Sally. Though Bunnie comforted the princess, the time for processing was short - the planet was tearing itself apart because of the Super Genesis Wave. The Shattered World Crisis had begun.

The Shattered World Crisis

With Mobius broken, Sally lead the Freedom Fighters to Station Square in order to help with rescue operations. During this time, Nicole took notice of Sally's change in demeanor. Sally responded that she was doing this because of what she had done as Mecha Sally. Nicole, however, stopped her before she could go any further - that Mecha Sally wasn't her and that they needed her in the here and now. When the Freedom Fighters' rescue efforts reached a major impasse, G.U.N. stepped in, lead by Captain Amanda Tower, who complimented Sally and the Freedom Fighters for their efforts, saying that had they not been there, it would have turned into a recovery effort. Sally took the compliment with tearful pride, seeing that her efforts to make up for those actions were worth it. Sadly, the happy moment was cut short, as Muttski contacted the Freedom Fighters with news of the abduction of Charles the Hedgehog and Professor Pickle.

Sally and her teammates soon intercepted the Egg Train carrying Eggman's captives, and Sally led one squad to the engine car to stop the train while Sonic led the other in searching for the missing scientists. Much to their chagrin, Sally's group awakened E-106 Eta, who destroyed the train controls and prevented them from learning the professors' exact location. This forced the groups to launch a car-by-car search for the missing pair while the train continued to accelerate uncontrollably. Fortunately, they managed to rescue the scientists, from whom they learned of Dark Gaia, a malevolent force affecting the shattered plant, and Light Gaia, a being with the power to restore it. The group thus set out on a mission to recover the Chaos Emeralds and locate the Gaia Temples in order to heal their world. Sally led Tails, Antoine, and Nicole on the first mission to recover an Emerald, penetrating Crystal Cave undetected. However, upon seeing the beautiful structures of the cave and realizing that they would be destroyed by Eggman's forces were the theft unnoticed, Sally persuaded Nicole to reactivate the security systems guarding the cave. After escaping, the group returned to the Sky Patrol, but their incursion alerted Eggman to the fact that Sally was making use of his stolen files.

The Freedom Fighters then made their way to Soumerca, where Amy and Sonic joined Sally in investigating reports of another Chaos Emerald found by Eggman's forces. They were attacked by E-113 Xi, but saved by the timely arrival of their old friends Mighty the Armadillo and Ray the Flying Squirrel. The pair introduced the Freedom Fighters to their mentor Moss the Sloth, who sensed the Dark Gaia corruption that had been affecting Sonic for some time. Sonic insisted that he was fine, and Amy used her newly learned Mystic Melody to determine the location of the Chaos Emerald, which prompted Mighty and Ray to join the trio in journeying to the nearby Soumerca Egg Army base. Unfortunately, Egg Boss Thunderbolt was waiting for them with an electric trap, which caused Sonic to take on a savage Werehog form. Sally, Amy, and Ray recovered the Emerald while Mighty pursued Sonic, who easily defeated the Egg Soldiers and would have dispatched Thunderbolt had Mighty not engaged him. After a brief fight between the two, Sally and Amy managed to talk Sonic down, and they returned to Moss' hut. To their relief, Sonic returned to his normal form upon daybreak, but fearing a savage relapse voted to remain with Moss until he could get a handle on his new form.

Determined to continue on, Sally soon had the team targeted on another Chaos Emerald, and led the D'Coolettes in while Rotor, Amy, and Tails waited in reserve. Sensing an obvious trap, Sally nonetheless continued, knowing how essential the Emerald was to restoring the planet. As expected, Eggman's forces were in place: E-108 Iota, E-109 Kappa, and E-110 Lambda appeared to attack the trio of Freedom Fighters. Worse, when their backup arrived, the Chaos Emerald was flown away and a laser net appeared to trap them all. Luckily, the remaining crew aboard the Sky Patrol, led by Cream, flew in to rescue their beleaguered teammates. The group soon rendezvoused with Sonic, who was stunned by their battered appearances, and Sally berated herself for acting foolishly and not guessing that Eggman had learned of the stolen data. Sonic encouraged her, but both were unpleasantly surprised to learn that the next Chaos Emerald was in the hands of an old acquaintance: Breezie the Hedgehog.

Shortly thereafter, an attack by Dark Gaia Creatures on the Sky Patrol forced Sally and her teammates-minus the absent D'Coolettes, Sonic, and Amy-to do battle with them. When they were within two minutes of the sun causing the monsters to vanish, a group of them swarmed Tails, and Sally dove off the Sky Patrol in order to save him. Though Tails returned the favor, Nicole later berated her friend for her recklessness. However, the conversation was interrupted as Nicole received a distress signal from her creator, Dr. Ellidy, and left for the Digital World to help him. Fearing for both of them, Sally took Tails and Big the Cat in the Tornado to Isolated Island, where Ellidy had taken up residence following his retirement. They were greeted by Ellidy's repurposed Badnik helpers, and arrived just in time to greet the returning Ellidy and Nicole. Nicole later commented to Sally that Ellidy seemed to act strangely around her, and Sally did her best to comfort her friend. The A.I. then confided her fear that Ellidy had been trapped in the Digital World deliberately, and that the party responsible might now be aware of their location.


Sally is strong-minded and is very opinionated. She is often logical and focused with a playful side and prefers to plan ahead in almost all situations. She often takes the role of a leader, not only in directing and organizing people en masse but also through mediation and offering suggestions or compromises to difficult situations.

Despite being a princess, Sally is a bit of a "tomboy", not hesitating to get into rough or messy situations if needed and does not typically dress regally or act as a damsel, but rather acts as a fighter.

Sally is known to be kind but headstrong and has a tendency to put too much pressure on herself to react in the most wise way. She can be somewhat insecure at times and should she think herself to have failed or misjudged a situation in the past, she will often have tremendous self-doubts in herself at the frustration of her perceived inability.

Sally's attitude towards her title of princess is one of duty; she is a firm leader with a strong sense of justice and a warm heart, and loves her people and strives to do the best she can for them. She is very caring as well and shows passion, bravery and determination, often remaining undeterred by setbacks, and goes out of her way to make sure her friends are safe and happy. While inwardly compassionate, she can often come off as confrontational, overbearing, hard, sardonic and condescending when stifled enough. When her emotions are open however, she is often only protective of her friends, constantly worried about their well being in the field.

Powers and abilities

Though possessing average physical strength, Sally is very agile, being cable of acrobatic maneuvers. She also has proficiency in basic combat, weaponry skills and hand-to-hand combat, and possesses high reflexes and self-defense abilities.

Besides her physical skills, Sally is a natural leader, tactician and organizer, serving as the strategist and organizer of the Freedom Fighters. She could coordinate the New Freedom Fighters evacuation efforts of Station Square during the Shattered World Crisis which noticeable results and uses Nicole to gain information or statistics in order to create her plans,.


Energy Blade Bracelet v2

Sally fighting Metal Sonic with her Ring Blades.

Sally wears a pair of bracelets around her gloves called the Ring-Blades which can project energy blades. These blades have enough durability to withstand Metal Sonic's claws, and can cut through highly solid substances such as metal alloys. Sally wields these energy blades with great proficiency in battle.


Sonic the Hedgehog

Sally and Sonic both have memories of the previous timeline-and presumably their past relationships in it-but also have a different history in the new reality. Nevertheless, they are still close friends and dependable allies.

According to Ian Flynn, Sonic and Sally's relationship status is "Just Friends". This is mostly due to the fact that SEGA has mandated that the game characters not be in relationships.




  • Despite the fact that Sally didn't originate from the games she has appeared on a large amount of SEGA merchandise.
  • Sally was the face of the now closed amusement park SEGA World's Sydney along with Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Dr. Robotnik. She also had a large role in the performance Sonic Live in Sydney even having her own song (Sonic Thank You For Being You) and was the only character from the comics to appear.
  • In Japan Sally has a nickname Ricky (a squirrel-like animal friend that appears in Sonic the Hedgehog video game series), the nickname itself never made its way to America.


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