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Prison Island
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Appearances and Overview
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Shadow the Hedgehog


Prison Island

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Lethal Highway
Glyphic Canyon
Digital Circuit

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The Doom
Sky Troops
Mad Matrix

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Prison Island is a stage in Shadow the Hedgehog. It is located on the G.U.N. base, Prison Island, which previously appeared in Sonic Adventure 2. Prison Island is one of the three third stages. Prison Island can be reached by completing the Hero mission of Digital Circuit, the Normal mission of Glyphic Canyon or the Dark mission of Lethal Highway.


Chaos Controlling all over the place during the Black Arms invasion of Sonic's world, an amnesic Shadow returns to Prison Island to collect the fourth Chaos Emerald. Only after Shadow arrives at Prison Island does he recall the place had any previous significance to him, with a quick flashback of Prison Island from Sonic Adventure 2. He then remembers that he was released from cryostasis, escaped and was then captured. Then he starts to wonder where he escaped from and why. Prison Island has gone vastly downhill after Robotnik's terrorist attack. While G.U.N. still maintains a presence there, they now share the island with free-flowing rivers of glowing radioactive sludge and rampant jungle overgrowth of the once-mighty military prisons. In fact, there are only mechs in this level, with no actual human soldiers at all, implying that the island is now pretty much uninhabitable. A few Black Arms have been captured and interned, but others run free and are fighting the robots. Shadow can either assist Doom's Eye in wiping out the G.U.N. robot defenders, run straight for the fourth Chaos Emerald, or assist Charmy Bee, who - on Vector's orders - is exploiting the confusion to steal 5 top secret military information disks for Team Chaotix's morally dubious detective work.



Guide Mission Objective Tips
Baddoom Eliminate the GUN robots! Defeat all 40 of the GUN enemies on Prison Island. At each check point player must have  these numbers of G.U.N robots defeated 

  • checkpoint #2: 5/40  
  • checkpoint #3:12/40
  • checkpoint #4:18/40
  • checkpoint #5: 39/40

There are actually more than 40 enemies on this level, but some are hidden in optional areas.


A ≥ 28,000 points
B 26,000 points
C 20,000 points
D 10,000 points
E < 10,000 points

Leads to: The Doom


Find the Chaos Emerald!

  • Objective: Reach the Goal Ring containing the Chaos Emerald.
  • Tips: The Goal Ring is not at the end of the level. You should come near it a little before the third secret disk for the Hero Mission.


A ≥ 28,000 points
B 26,000 points
C 20,000 points
D 10,000 points
E < 10,000 points

Leads to: Sky Troops


Find the top secret disks!

  • Guide: Charmy Bee
  • Objective: Find the 5 top secret disks that Charmy is looking for.


A ≥ 22,000 points
B 20,000 points
C 15,000 points
D 10,000 points
E < 10,000 points

Leads to: Mad Matrix

Behind the Secret Door

Two Anti-Tank Turrets.


  • This is one of the few stages where no co-op is possible- both Charmy and Doom's Eye are unplayable as they fly and don't attack.
  • This stage is also one of the stages that also appeared in Sonic Adventure 2 as Shadow mentions that he was captured here.
  • Much like the controversial moon in Sonic Heroes being blown in half in Sonic Adventure 2, Prison Island was also blown up by Eggman and Shadow in Sonic Adventure 2 where as now in Shadow the Hedgehog the island is still there, albeit in heavy disrepair.
  • Ironically, the music sounds like a remix of the Sonic Adventure version of Sonic's theme song "It Doesn't Matter", and if the player has Shadow stand still for a couple of minutes, he will ask aloud whether the two hedgehogs are somehow related.
  • Additionally, Prison Island's music shares the same main theme as Black Comet, with many similarities.

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