This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Pre-Super Genesis Wave continuity.
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Professor Cheddermund

Professor Cheddermund was an Overlander male and a scientist with the title of Professor, and became an expert in astrophysics.


Before the end of the Great War between his people and the Mobians, in which the majority of their people were slaughtered, Cheddermund joined Colin Kintobor's refugee group and fled into space to find a new home, presumably using his knowledge to make the journey possible.

Cheddermund Roboticized

Cheddermund roboticized.

When their group was forced to return to Mobius, Cheddermund and the rest of the group were taken into "protective custody" by Doctor Robotnik, and lived in Robotropolis without fear of the "furry menace" outside their gates. Cheddermund planned to make a documentary on their journey through space for the population, an idea that was supported by Colin, and he was paired with Robotnik to do so. However, Cheddermund was instead captured and became a test subject for Robotnik's physical-contact roboticizer, despite his pleas that he had children.

Cheddermund and the other roboticized Overlanders died during the nuclear destruction of Robotropolis a short while later.

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