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Professor Cratermass from Sonic the Comic #114. Black and white art by Bob Corona and colouring by John M Burns.

Professor Cratermass is a character that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. He is a human scientist from the planet Earth. He dreamed of meeting real aliens and tried to construct a gateway to Infra-Space that would allow him to access any planet in the universe, although he had trouble completing the data.


When Amy Rose and Tekno the Canary crash-landed on Earth while trying to find their way home to Mobius, having been accidentally transported into deep space, Professor Cratermass spotted them with his binoculars and attempted to make contact, waving a white flag and speaking very slowly... which proved embarrassing when it became apparent that the Professor and the Mobians could understand each other perfectly. After making introductions (and pointing out an Earth hedgehog to Amy), Amy explained that they were trying to get home and Cratermass revealed that he had been trying to build a gateway to "infra-space", allowing him access to any planet in the universe, but that he hadn't been able to complete his data. Tekno offered to help out, but before they could finish they were all captured by Colonel Granite and Operation Starwatch.[1]

Cratermass was interrogated by Granite, and tried to explain to the deranged officer that he had been attempting to help Amy and Tekno return to their planet (not organise an alien invasion to take over the world). Amy and Tekno were able to break out of their prison thanks to Tekno's explosive earrings and rescued Cratermass. They took back their own spaceship (which Granite had previously confiscated) and returned to Cratermass's house with Cratermass himself clinging on to the outside (as it was only a two-seater). They quickly completed the gateway to infra-space and sent Amy and Tekno back to Mobius, and then Cratermass deleted the program before Colonel Granite could follow.[2]


  • Professor Cratermass is named after the character Professor Bernard Quatermass, a British science fiction TV character created by Nigel Kneale. Quatermass first appeared in the TV serial The Quatermass Experiment, and occasionally in other serials thereafter, in which he would deal with alien invasions and corruption in the British military.
  • Professor Cratermass resembles Albert Einstein.
  • Professor Cratermass wears a lab coat outside as a regular coat, then takes it off when he actually goes indoors to his lab.


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