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Psycho Smash
Silver launching the Psycho Smash.
Statistics and Overview
First appearance

Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)
(Only appearance)


Silver the Hedgehog


Pushes away nearby objects or paralyzes opponents.

The Psycho Smash (サイコスマッシュ Saikosumasshu?) is one of Silver the Hedgehog's signature techniques. This move utilizes Silver's basic psychokinetic powers to push away objects or stun his enemies. It has only appeared in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006).


When using the Psycho Smash, Silver charges up psychic energies in his body. The longer he charges up these energies, the stronger the Psycho Smash will be. Once charged up, Silver releases a strong shockwave of psychic energy with a swing of his arm which can push objects far away or even paralyze foes caught in its wake.

To perform the Psycho Smash in gameplay, the player has to press/hold down XboxX/PSSquareButton. If an enemy is caught in the wake of the Psycho Smash, the enemy will be paralyzed and unable to move or attack. This makes it possible for Silver to grab the opponent with his Psychokinesis and use them as projectiles against other enemies, or simply destroy them by grabbing them and then releasing them.

If Silver already has picked up objects with his Psychokinesis, he can use his Psycho Smash to hurl the said objects one-by-one as projectiles at his enemies, causing damage. The distance and force the object are flung at can be increased the more Silver charges up the Psycho Smash before throwing the objects.


  • Silver first used Psycho Smash in his first cutscene, where he gathered up energy to pillar of lava out of his way when he was investigating Iblis.


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