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For the attack of the same name, see Punch Attack.

Punch (パンチ Panchi?) is an attack used by Dr. Eggman in Sonic Adventure 2 and its sequel Sonic Adventure 2: Battle. When using this technique, Eggman punches the opponent with the Egg Walker. It is the equivalent to Tails' Propeller Punch, Neutral Chao' Omochao attack and Dark Chao Dark Omochao attack.


When performing Punch, Eggman has his Egg Walker strike an opponent with an extendable red boxing glove from the front of said vehicle. In gameplay, the Punch can deal significant damage to an opponent and is also very useful against Artificial Chaos, but it is ineffective against Shield Hunters. To use in gameplay, the player has to press the Action Button when an enemy is in front of Eggman.

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