The Pursuit Attack (追撃/ツイゲキアタアック Tsuigeki Atakku?), also referred to as the Aim Attack, is a mechanic used in Sonic Battle. It can be used by all characters to either launch a follow-up attack while blowing an opponent away or a counterattack when chasing after an opponent.


Essentially, the Pursuit Attack are techniques that enables the character to hit opponents with damage-inducing attacks when chasing after them with a diagonal-take-off to the air. Chasing after an opponent can be done by either pushing Controlpadds in the target's direction during a Heavy Attack just as the said target is blown away, or by bouncing back at the attacker with a Wall Counter by pushing Controlpadds in the said attacker's direction when the character is about to hit a wall.

During the chase, the player can launch the Pursuit Attack by pressing GameboyB. If used at the right moment when intercepting the opponents during the chase, the characters may bang the opponent into the ground for damage. The opponents will then bounce back from the ground once before being rendered immobile for a short moment. Pressing GameboyB too soon or too late into the chase will either cause the move to fail, reduce the damage dealt or instead trigger an Air Attack. It will as well miss if the opponent is outside the characters' attack range.

While all Pursuit Attacks are the same in function, each one has its own strengths and weaknesses; Sonic's works well for early Wall Counter-targets and is better against airborne opponents, while Knuckles' is more useful in the late sections of the chases against a grounded opponent. In some cases, two opponents can even hit each other at the same time with their Pursuit Attack if timed correctly.

List of Pursuit Attacks


  • The Japanese name of the mechanic like several terms based on kanji, is written in katakana (via the "tsuigeki" portion).

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