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Pyramid Cave

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Pyramid Cave is the eleventh stage in the Hero story in Sonic Adventure 2 and Sonic Adventure 2: Battle, where the player controls Sonic.


Pyramid Cave is an Egyptian indoors ruin themed level, with large murals and hieroglyphs and since it is a base belonging to Eggman, statues with their heads replaced by one with his face.

The major gimmicks of this level are hourglass doors derived from Sonic & Knuckles's Sandopolis Zone. There are also hoops that, if jumped across, will award Sonic skill points and the only level featuring object-to-place mechanics.

Other level-specific objects include bars that can be swung, torches and bonfires, chimneys with Eggman's face, boat pendulums and windmills. Boos also are around here that can be an obstruction to the player, along with E-1000s.

Level Up Item

Sonic's Bounce Bracelet is located in this stage, allowing him to gain altitude by bouncing after pressing the jump button when mid-air.




Sonic Adventure 2 Music- Pyramid Cave03:28

Sonic Adventure 2 Music- Pyramid Cave


Sonic Adventure 2- Pyramid Cave Mission -1 - A Rank HD04:45

Sonic Adventure 2- Pyramid Cave Mission -1 - A Rank HD

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