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Quotation1 This is Quick Race. It's short but fast. Quotation2
Omochao, Sonic Heroes

Quick Race is one of the multiplayer minigames in Sonic Heroes. It is playable in 2P mode after a hundred Emblems have been collected.


In this multiplayer mode, two teams each control a team as they try to reach the goal first; almost identical to Action Race. However, the two teams will not be sharing the same stage layout and instead have mirrored layouts at opposite ends according to the progress bar and as the name suggests, these stages are fairly short and can be cleared quickly. As mentioned, the team that touches the Goal Ring first wins.


The following three stages are played in Quick Race (listed in order):

When the player selects "ALL", the game will go through all three of the stages mentioned. The player who wins at least two out of three stages wins the entire minigame.



Road Rock

Mad Express

Terror Hall

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