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For other uses of the term, see Chaos Emerald (disambiguation).

The Red Chaos Emerald (カオスエメラルド あか?), otherwise known as R. Chaos Emerald, is one of the seven Chaos Emeralds collectible in the Game Gear video game, Tails Adventure. This Chaos Emerald can be found in the second segment of Poloy's Forest. It is the first Chaos Emerald collectible in the video game.

Upon collecting the R. Chaos Emerald, Tails' Ring count increases from ten rings to twenty rings. The R. Chaos Emerald is essentially in a box with a giant "R" placed on it.

It is one of the Chaos Emeralds–along with G. Chaos Emerald, B. Chaos Emerald, Y. Chaos Emerald, P. Chaos Emerald, W. Chaos Emerald and C. Chaos Emerald.

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