This article is about the Sonic R race track. For the Sonic Adventure 2 stage, see Radical Highway.

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Radical City

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Quotation1 This course is plenty wide. Gaps in the railing aren't just accidental breaks! Waterways look like slow going at first, but they can save you some time if you know which turns to take. And speaking of turns, there are a couple of tight ones to add to your fun. Ever wondered what it would be like to be a pinball? Quotation2
Description, Sonic R[1]

Radical City is a course in Sonic R. It is a large nighttime city with casino elements and a large amount of buildings.

Course Layout

As such, Radical City has many roads and a highway, but is best known for its Giant Pinball Table. Radical City is one of the five courses of the game Sonic R. It hides two Chaos Emeralds and by catching the five Sonic Tokens, Tails Doll is unlocked. The track is the longest in the game and has the least amount of shortcuts. At first, the track seems like a factory, but slowly shifts gears into a Casino.


The theme song for this track is "Living in the City".

Sonic R Music Living In The City04:47

Sonic R Music Living In The City



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