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For the gimmick introduced in Sonic Adventure, see Jump Panel.

Ramps,[1] also called Jump Panels, are gimmicks that appear throughout the Sonic the Hedgehog series. There are two kinds of ramps: Ramps and Trick Ramps. Ramps simply launch Sonic into the air once he runs on them, but Trick Ramps will also initiate Mid-Air Trick Actions or Trick Actions.


Ramps take the appearance of red wedges with a thick black stripe that covers most of the top. The black area has a simple pattern of three evenly spaced yellow arrows pointing in the direction the ramp is facing. Trick Ramps are larger and yellow, and have cyan, yellow, and magenta arrows on the black section.

Game appearances

Sonic Drift 2

An early version of the ramps debuted in Sonic Drift 2. They only appear in Hill Top 1 and 2 where they are simply mounds of earth; driving directly over them will launch the racer into a flying leap, but grazing their sides will cause the racer to slow down. Similarly functioning objects called Triangle Bumpers also appear in Casino Night.

Sonic Advance series

In Sonic Advance 2 and Sonic Advance 3, characters can perform Mid-Air Trick Actions by launching off a ramp, which will also send them forward over large bottomless pits

Sonic Rush series

In Sonic Rush and its sequel, Sonic Rush Adventure, Sonic and Blaze can perform Trick Actions when launched from a ramp.

Sonic Riders series

In the Sonic Riders games, Ramps appear in the form of positive inclines in the road that lead to a drop-off, before which the player can jump and can perform Air Tricks. In all three games, passing through ramps without pressing anything results in performing a trick with the lowest Rank rating, or will not let the player perform a trick at all. In Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity, the player does not perform tricks in the air, but instead must press the jump button while he/she is as closest to the edge of the ramp possible to get the highest possible ranking. In Sonic Free Riders, where they are called Kickers, there are two types of Kickers; one of them allows the player to perform a trick at any rank while the other only allows the player to perform a trick and earn up to a S-Rank (or not at all if the player does not jump).

Sonic Unleashed

In Sonic Unleashed, ramps are used to launch Sonic across gaps or into different areas. Trick Ramps are used to start a three or six-button sequence that allows the player to perform a trick in midair, which will increase the player's height and grant access to a shortcut. To use the ramp Sonic must be moving at a certain speed, meaning that touching the ramp while moving at a low speed won't launch Sonic. If Sonic boosts into a ramp, it will launch him further than at normal running speed.

Sonic Colors

In Sonic Colors, ramps are scarce, but are still used to launch Sonic into an orange Dash Ring. Trick Ramps are more frequent, but the button sequence consists only of the jump button being pressed five times. Every time the button is pressed, Sonic's height increases and more bonus points are received after performing tricks.

Sonic Generations

Ramps are frequently used in Sonic Generations, launching Sonic into Horizontal Bars or over obstacles, such as in the Challenge Act "Jump Dash". Trick Ramps are nearly ubiquitous, allowing the player to perform Freestyle Tricks that fill the Boost Gauge. The City Escape trick ramps return in the City Escape stage and the Rooftop Rail Grind Challenge Act in Rooftop Run. Some ramps launch the player over a farther distance when boosting into it than just running into them like in Sonic Unleashed and Sonic Colors.

Sonic Lost World

Ramps reappear in Sonic Lost World. One Ramp is seen in the 3DS version of Windy Hill right before the giant Caterkiller chases Sonic.

Sonic Forces

Ramps appear in Sonic Forces, where they serve the same purpose as they did in previous games. They are most commonly used to send the player over large gaps.






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  1. Sonic Unleashed (PlayStation 3) European instruction booklet, p. 19.
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