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Ray the Flying Squirrel
Ray Bay
Ray the Flying Squirrel
First appearance

SegaSonic the Hedgehog

in other media

Archie Comics

Real-world designer(s)

Manabu Kusunoki

Voice actor(s)
voice actor(s)

Hinako Yoshino

Physical description

Flying Squirrel




85 cm (2ft 9in)[citation needed]


30 kg (66 lbs)[citation needed]


Golden Yellow





  • Red sneakers with a white strap.
  • White gloves and socks.
Alignment and character traits



Dr. Robotnik

Skills, abilities and powers

Ray the Flying Squirrel (レイ・ザ・フライングスクイレル Rei za Furaingu Sukuireru?) is character who makes his only appearance as a playable character in SegaSonic the Hedgehog. Although he hasn't appeared as a character in any subsequent games or TV series, he has an expanded role in the Archie Comics series, in which he was a member of the Chaotix team and has been the constant companion of SegaSonic costar Mighty the Armadillo. Ray the Flying Squirrel is designed by Manabu Kusunoki.

Physical Appearance

Ray has golden yellow fur and dark tan skin on his muzzle, inner ears and torso. He has black eyes, a small tapered hair tuft at the top back of his head (making it appear somewhat teardrop-shaped), a furry skin membrane connecting his waist to his lower arms, small, perky triangular ears, a shiny, bulbous black nose and long, durable club-shaped tail.

He wears white gloves with large, sock-like cuffs, red sneakers with a white buckle-strap, and white socks. These shoes are apparently almost identical with Sonic's iconic sneakers.

Game appearances

SegaSonic the Hedgehog

Ray's only major appearance is in SegaSonic the Hedgehog arcade game. In the intro, Ray gets captured by Doctor Robotnik along with Mighty the Armadillo and Sonic the Hedgehog himself. After that Robotnik imprisoned them to his captive Island where trio has team up to escape from its dangerous hazards and traps. As the trio got to doctor's tower, Robotnik actives self-destruction of island, but luckily the trio and Robotnik manages to get out of island before its explosion. And thus Sonic, Mighty and Ray foiled Robotnik's plot.

In the game, one of the earliest to feature a voice cast, Ray's voice was provided by Hinako Yoshino (credited as Hiroko Kanamaru).

Gale Racer

Since SegaSonic the Hedgehog arcade game, Ray's yet another small appearance is a cameo as a key chain in the Sega game Gale Racer, (the Sega Saturn version of Rad Mobile.)

Sonic Generations

Ray makes a cameo appearance in Sonic Generations in City Escape. Ray and Mighty can be seen on missing posters dotted throughout the level. The poster mentions that they've been missing since 1993, referencing the game, SegaSonic the Hedgehog.


Not much is known about Ray's personality, but it is shown during SegaSonic the Hedgehog that Ray acts as a semi comic-relief character of the trio. He's also shown to be slightly more fearful than Sonic and Mighty.


Due to Ray's sole playable appearance, Ray's moveset is very limited. In the arcade game, Ray shares the same abilities that Sonic and Mighty have in said game. Ray's abilities include the basic Spin Jump, Spin Attack and Spin Dash (in his sole game appearance, he had the same game controls as both Sonic and Mighty), and he is also rather agile. Being a flying squirrel, he can likely glide through the air, though this was never seen in game.

Apperances in other media

Archie Comics

Ray the Flying Squirrel (Archie) (2)

Ray the Flying Squirrel in the Archie Comics.

In the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics, Ray the Flying Squirrel was a member of the Chaotix and best friends with Mighty the Armadillo, having met him while both were held prisoner by Dr. Ivo Robotnik. The two teamed up with Sonic the Hedgehog during an escape attempt, but Ray ended up being trapped when he grabbed the prison's Power Stone energy source and was caught in a time warp. Years later, Mighty found and freed him, bringing him back to Angel Island. Joining the Chaotix, Ray became a loyal, if timid member, helping them face various foes on the island and then later on the surface as they fought Doctor Eggman alongside the Freedom Fighters. Later, Ray also became a part-time resident of New Mobotropolis. Mighty and Ray consider each other brothers, and treat each other as such. Following the comics' reboot, Ray and Mighty appear to be an adventuring duo with ties to-but not membership in-the Chaotix or Freedom Fighters. 




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