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Quotation1 Here you are transported into the future! Enter the factory of tomorrow, a completely automated wonder. There is lots of room to run, but there are also many hidden surprises and traps. What appears to be at first a simple course is really the hardest of the four courses. Quotation2
Description, Sonic R[1]

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Reactive Factory

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Reactive Factory
Reactive Factory
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Sonic R
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Reactive Factory is a race track in Sonic R. Metal Knuckles can be unlocked on this course by collecting five Sonic tokens.

The theme of this course is "Work It Out".

Course Layout

Reactive Factory is a factory complex built on a small island by Doctor Robotnik. It is completely automated, and uses water as fuel to work. It is possible that the Reactive Factory was the place that Eggman created Metal Knuckles and Tails Doll. It is also where he altered his Egg Mobile, so he could take advantage on the World Grand Prix (the tournament depicted in Sonic R).


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