Quotation1 Red Wisps are lively, but slightly scatterbrained Wisps that have the power of the Red Burst. Quotation2
— Description, Sonic Colors[1]

The Red Wisp (レッドウィスプ Reddo Wisupu?) is a creature that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. It is a type of Wisp that grants the Red Burst Color Power.


The Red Wisps have a head that looks like a flaming teardrop with two small spikes at the top, and have three blue eyes that form a triangular pattern on their head. They also have three flame-like tentacles that stem from the head.

Game appearances

Sonic Colors

The Red Wisps made their first appearance on both versions of Sonic Colors, though they only appear during cutscenes on the Wii version. When their homeworld was moved to Earth by Dr. Eggman in order to create his interstellar amusement park, the Red Wisps and the rest of their race were threatened to be enslaved by Eggman, who wanted their Hyper-go-on to control the minds of everyone on Earth using a weapon. Fortunately, the Red Wisps and the rest of their race were all freed thanks to the efforts of Sonic the Hedgehog. After Dr. Eggman's Incredible Interstellar Amusement Park imploded into a black hole, the Red Wisps worked together with the rest of their race to stop the black hole and succeeded, before returning their homeworlds to their original places in the universe.

In gameplay on the Nintendo DS version of the game, the Red Wisps appear as Wisp Capsule power-ups that enables the Red Burst. The player encounters the Red Wisps in Tropical Resort and Sweet Mountain.

Sonic Generations

In the Nintendo 3DS version of Sonic Generations, the Red Wisps appear in Tropical Resort Act 2 as Wisp Capsule power-ups that enable the Red Burst.

Sonic Lost World

In the Nintendo 3DS version of Sonic Lost World, the Red Wisps appear as Item Box power-ups that enable the Red Burst. The player encounters the Red Wisps in Windy Hill, Sky Road and Lava Mountain.

Sonic Forces

In Sonic Forces, the Red Wisps returned as Wisp Capsule power-ups for the Avatar's Burst Wispon, which is the only Wispon that will accept them. With the Red Wisp, the Burst Wispon is able to perform its special action for a limited time. The player encounters the Red Wisps in Spaceport, Prison Hall, Arsenal Pyramid, Park Avenue, Aqua Road, Capital City, Guardian Rock, Null Space and Imperial Tower.


The Red Wisps are a lively and energetic type of Wisps, but come off as slightly scatterbrained.[1]

Powers and abilities

The Red Wisps are able to levitate in midair at will, which serves as their main method of transportation.

The Red Wisps are able to generate and store their own unique variant of a powerful energy known as Hyper-go-on inside their own bodies, which is their life source. It is unclear to what extent they can use their own Hyper-go-on, through they have been shown being able to restrain black holes made of Hyper-go-on.

The Red Wisps are able to pass on a fraction of their Hyper-go-on to other beings by phasing into their body, which allows them to transform into the Red Burst which can induce powerful explosions.

In other media

Archie Comics

Red Wisp Archie Comics

A Red Wisp in the Archie Comics.

The Red Wisps made an appearance in the Archie Comics' adaption of Sonic Colors, in Sonic the Hedgehog #219. In the comics, some Red Wisps and a few other Wisps were chased by Orbot, Cubot and a pack of Egg Pawns, but one Red Wisp was saved by Sonic. After Sonic destroyed the Egg Pawns in a flash and send Orbot and Cubot running. A Red Wisp then joined Sonic, Tails, Yacker and some other Wisps, as Sonic ventured out to save the Wisp race from Eggman.


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