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Sonic Colors(Wii)
(Only appearance)


Planet Wisp


A giant Ferris Wheel based robot.

Refreshinator (ビッグボーイ2 Biggu Bōi Tsū?, lit. Big Boy 2) is the Planet Wisp boss in the Wii version of Sonic Colors, and an upgraded version of Tropical Resort's boss, Rotatatron.

Appearance and Battle

Notable differences include the following:

  • Refreshinator uses circular, cup-like platforms unlike Rotatatron's flat platforms, making it easier to slip off and lose an attack opportunity. There are nine platforms in groups of three (similar to a spinning teacups ride in an amusement park). Two of those three platforms are blue; the other platform, which has a Wisp Capsule, is red.
  • Refreshinator has a completely different appearance, with two eyes stacked vertically (similar to Metal Madness). Unlike Rotatatron, it has a smile made out of metal wires, formed to look like spiked teeth, and its face is now orange and its body is green.
  • Refreshinator has several structures around its face that it can push down to cover its face. It can fire rotating lasers out of the ports on the cover.
  • Each time Refreshinator is damaged, it will release an electric charge that will slowly move around the arena.
  • One red platform has a capsule containing a Pink Wisp, which can be used to deal double damage, and to stay on the platforms more easily. The other red platforms have capsules containing White Wisps.


Sonic finds the generator and comments that "these guys are getting harder and harder to find." As soon as that is said, Refreshinator comes. With Sonic saying that Eggman can give up now, the hedgehog then battles, with no response.

After the battle, Sonic is having a conversation with the destroyed Refreshinator, but gets caught by Tails. Sonic tries to remind him that Planet Wisp is free, but he refuses to forget what he saw, and states that he hasn't seen him talk to a pile of metal.



Sonic Colors - S Rank - (Boss) Planet Wisp01:13

Sonic Colors - S Rank - (Boss) Planet Wisp

Sonic Colors - Refreshinator Boss Fight


Sonic Colors 03:19

Sonic Colors "Boss Battle 1" Music

Plays during Rotatatron Fight

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