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The Regular Bomb is an item that appears in Tails Adventure. It is Miles "Tails" Prower's first and most basic form of attack.


Normal Bomb TA

The Regular Bomb has a typical, cartoonish bomb design; it is a shiny, black sphere with a lit fuse.


The Regular Bomb is available at the start of the game and is initially equipped to Tails when the game starts. When used, Tails will throw the bomb and it will explode whenever it makes contact with something. The Regular Bomb can be used whilst jumping, which will allow it to travel further. If used whilst flying, the bomb will drop underneath Tails, allowing the player to attack overhead. The Regular Bomb can also be used whilst crouching, though this reduces its range.

The Regular Bomb's main use is to defeat enemies that the player encounters, but it can also be used to destroy stone walls and similar obstacles that may obstruct the player's path, making the Regular Bomb a versatile item in Tails' arsenal.

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