For the group also referred to as the "Resistance", see Freedom Fighters (Sonic Underground).

The Resistance, also known as Sonic's Army,[2] is a group that appears in Sonic Forces. It is a rag-tag freedom fighting organization lead by Knuckles the Echidna[1] which was formed to liberate the world from the subjugation of Dr. Eggman after the Eggman Empire conquered most of the planet after Sonic the Hedgehog was defeated by Infinite.


After Sonic the Hedgehog was beaten and captured,[4] Dr. Eggman began his conquest of the world, which left the Eggman Empire in control of 99% of the planet.[5] Sonic’s friends, who managed to escape Eggman’s invasion, decided to fight back against Eggman by forming the “Resistance” army. Silver the Hedgehog traveled through time to warn Knuckles the Echidna of the calamity, and he assumed his position as their commander.[1][4]

Joining the group was the Avatar, a surviving rookie ready to take the call and push back Eggman to save the world.[6] In time, Sonic was rescued by the Avatar and joined the Resistance. Classic Sonic, a counterpart of Sonic from another dimension, also appeared and joined the group, with Miles "Tails" Prower in tow. During their war with Eggman, the Resistance would face the likes of Infinite, the leader of Eggman's army, and numerous replicas of a number of old foes, which were created by Infinite's Phantom Ruby. Eventually, the entire army fought Eggman's forces in a large battle, while Sonic, Classic Sonic, and the Avatar fought to defeat Infinite, Eggman, and stop the sun from falling to Earth, which was Eggman's plan. After the war had ended, Sonic resolved that they must work together to rebuild the world, and soon left the group to pursue his own adventures, with the Avatar following a similar path. Knuckles disbanded the band shortly before Sonic and Avatar left the group.

Weapons and technology

  • Wispon: The primary weapon that The Resistance uses are Wispon, special weapons that are designed to utilize the Hyper-go-on power from Wisps, without an actual transformation.





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