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Blaze the Cat. Sonic Generations

The Restraint Trap[1] is an attack that appears in the console/PC version of Sonic Generations. It is a technique used by the Time Eater where it immobilizes its foes with a trap.


SonicGenerations 2016-07-23 16-58-57-428

The Time Eater preparing the move

The Restraint Trap consists of several red orb-like projectiles that overlap each other. These orbs are surrounded by a dark form of electricity. When using it, the Time Eater conjures up two energy orbs around its core and fires them at its foes. Upon impact, the Restraint Trap will ensnare the foe with enough force to restrain a Super State user.

In gameplay, the Time Eater will use the Restrain Trap after losing its lower parts, and only after firing its vortex laser and time clock twice. Should the Restraint Trap hit any of the Super Sonics, they will be immobilized and unable to attack. The only way to break free is by moving the control stick quickly. If only one of the Super Sonics are imprisoned, the player can free him by boosting. While the Restrain Trap can be deployed in both the 2D and 3D perspective of the battle, it is easier to avoid.


  1. In-game files: boss_TE_RestraintTrap_HD.model
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