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You may be looking for Rexxon.
Rexon in Sonic the Hedgehog 2.
First appearance

Sonic the Hedgehog 2

in other media
Biographical overview

Dr. Robotnik

Physical description


Color scheme

Purple, Light Grey, Yellow


White eyes with black pupils.

Alignment and character traits


Powers and abilities
  • Fires energy projectiles from its mouth.
  • Resistant armor to move in lava pools.

Rexon (ザウラ Zaura?) is dinosaur-type Badnik created by Doctor Robotnik, that has made first appearance in Sonic the Hedgehog 2. Rexons are plesiosaur-looking Badniks, which are seen in the middle of lava pools to shoot its target down with energy projectiles.

Game appearances

Sonic the Hedgehog 2

Rexon sprite

In its first appearance of Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Rexons are only seen at many lava pools of Hill Top Zone. Rexon's head first pop out the lava and starts shooting energy projectiles to the player at one position while its neck keeps moving. However as these Badniks doesn't move its head direction, it can be surprisingly easy to defeat behind by using Spin Jump to attack its head or leave to the one place and move on.

As the player defeats the Badnik, its head and neck collapse while only leaving its main body to float in the lava pool, which doesn't do any damage by touching it.

Sonic Blast

Happy dragon
Possibly different, Rexon looking Badniks are seen at Red Volcano Zone in Sonic Blast. These Badniks are red colored instead of purple and don't appear that often, as only being featured at first act of the zone. Similar to Rexon in Sonic the Hedgehog 2, it only keeps moving at one position after coming out the lava pool while it starts shooting small projectiles.

However once again, these Badniks also don't turn its direction after coming out the lava, as the Badnik can be easily defeated. This Badnik also doesn't seen to have main body floating in the lava and like in every Game Gear / Master System title, these Badniks also don't have Animals inside them.

Sonic Rivals 2

Rexon made small appearance in Sonic Rivals 2, as it can be found from collectible card. It is possible to get card after earning the high score at Egg Liner fight of Blue Coast Zone.


Physical Appearance

A Rexon resides in molten hot lava, its armored carapace meant to withstand the immense heat of its domain. Its backside (or shell) is indestructible and can be used as a platform, but when an enemy comes near, the head and neck retract from their safe home to spot intruders. Their necks are not 100% stable, so it sways back and forth while they search around. Their plating is light purple and pale blue. The appearance of this Badnik is based on plesiosaurs, according to pictures in the game manuals. When they are destroyed the head and neck detach and are destroyed, leaving only the shell behind.


The Rexon retracts into its shell until its sensors indicate an enemy presence. When a target is spotted their neck and head retracts and floats above the surface. Internal heat mechanisms then allow the Rexon to spew dangerous fireballs from their mouths periodically. Despite their intimidating appearance, Sonic found ways to exploit their platform-like shells as a stepping stone to beating them.

Apperances in other media

Sonic the Hedgehog Yearbook 1992

Hill Top Badniks

Rexon and Spiker in Sonic the Hedgehog Yearbook 1992.

Rexon has made small appearance in Sonic the Hedgehog Yearbook 1992' story "Space-Hedgehog" as one of two Badniks with Spiker to threat Sonic the Hedgehog and is shooting fireballs to him. After Sonic getting frozed and sent with space rocket to the space, he gets out from the space rocket and beats Robotnik. He then defeats both Rexon and Spiker easily, thus releasing animals on them.

Sonic the Comic

Rexon has made several appearances in Fleetway's Sonic the Comic, as earning the nickname 'Lavasaurus' and being part of Robotnik's Badnik army. It is first seen at issue 20' story "Hill Top Terror", while resisting at Mountain of Destiny which has become active, which threats citizens of Hill Top Zone's town near by. As Sonic and Tails arrive to volcano, Rexon starts attacking them, while duo being unable to fight him above the lava. Suddenly Sonic becomes Super Sonic, who goes inside the Rexon's body and destroys him easily.

Another Rexon is seen at the beginning of the issue 59' story "The Seven Badniks", as Sonic and Tails are facing it once again at Hill Top Zone. Both of them defeats Rexon by spraying with extinguishers to its mouth until Sonic uses Spin Attack to destroying it completely.

Sonic the Hedgehog (TV series)

Dinobot Satam III

Dinobot's appearance in Sonic the Hedgehog animated series.

Rexon made appearance in the episode "Ultra Sonic" of Sonic the Hedgehog animated series, although being referred to as Dinobot. It has completely different design, as it moves at crystal mine with continuous tracks instead of fins, it has large mechanical claw on the left side of the body and it can also been able to control inside. It also doesn't shoot fire out of it mouth, instead it fires a laser from its nose.

According to Uncle Chuck, it is the largest bot on Mobius. Sonic, Bunnie and Uncle Chuck got to the mouth of Dinobot while trying to get off its automatic mode. Uncle Chuck tries to get to the control panel, while Sonic and Bunnie keep the robots mouth open. They succeed to get Dinobot under their control and then start moving forward to get the large Power Rock out of cradle before it's too late. However SWATbots discovered this and start using ropes to tie up, as it starts to make shooting laser more difficult until SWATbots got the Dinobot down. Before the cradle gets almost to the daylight, heroes manage to cut the last rope from it, making it collapse and the Power Rock falls back to the crystal mine. Sonic, Bunnie and Uncle Chuck then escape from Dinobot, leaving the crystal mine at same time.


  • Rexon's mechanical fins are never seen in the game due the Badnik being resisting on lava pools as only head, neck and main body are visible.
  • In Sonic Spinball, a similar but larger robot named Rexxon appears in the Toxic Caves, which would be somewhat successor of Rexon by comparison of name and appearance.
  • Rexon is seen on one of the winning fan arts in Sonic and the Black Knight.


Sonic the Hedgehog 2

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