This object exists primarily within the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog continuity.
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Sonic is faster than he originally was with the Ring of Ultimate Velocity, being the fastest thing on Mobius he becomes incredibly fast.

The Ring of Ultimate Velocity is an object that appears in the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog television series. It is an artifact that grants the bearer incredible speed once three challenges are met. It only appeared in Christmas Special episode "Sonic Christmas Blast".


The Ring of Ultimate Velocity was given to Sonic as a Christmas present from Sally, but neither knew the ring's name or powers, except for Santa Claus who recognized the "squiggle" on the ring from the pictograms in the ice cave he was imprisoned in. He also deciphered that there were three impossible challenges that need to be met so that the rings power can be used. Its origins are unknown.

Impossible Challenges

While the third challenge wasn't mentioned, Sonic boarded down the cliffs as there was a floating para-glider as if waiting for him. Sonic grabbed it and ditched his snowboard (which fell on Scratch and Grounder, who have been trying to prevent him finishing the tasks).

After paragliding Sonic landed on a bike where he went past further dangers like jumping icy water, collapsing path, glaciers colliding to crush him and an ice tunnel which he jumps and run over landing back on his bike.

After a bumpy ride Sonic continues into the water (ends up with a fish in his mouth) and crashes into a polarbear (yet happy to have received Sonic's fish). Sonic bikes the way back to Santa's workshop.


Quotation1 Nah, we still got a few minutes! Quotation2
Sonic before he restored Christmas to Mobius.

When completing three deemed impossible tasks, the Ring of Ultimate Velocity gives its wearer the ability to move at incredible speeds. This power along with Sonic's own sonic-speed allows him to move at impossible speed. It allowed him to take the stolen presents and decorations from Robotnik and restore Christmas to everyone in Robotropolis and all over Mobius in a matter of minutes.


  • Sonic does tire from running across all of Mobius at great speeds. In "Lovesick Sonic", Breezie had Sonic run across Mobius to fetch gifts for her until he was tired and in the episode "Mass Transit Trouble" Sonic was exhausted from having to run from three most distant points of Mobius in a matter of seconds. However with the Ring of Ultimate Velicoty, Sonic is able to run circles around the whole planet Mobius at greater speeds without exhaustion, able to take back all the stolen gifts from Robotnik's fortress and deliver them all over Mobius in a matter of seconds.