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Sonic Shuffle - Riot Train icon

Riot Train is the fourth board that appears in Sonic Shuffle.


This raging locomotive was created for lovers of adventure, but Void has sent the machine off-course and it's going to fly off a cliff unless Sonic and his friends stop it. Push containers off of the roof to block the path below. Land on the Quest square and the player can make their way to the caged bird to set it free and gain an emblem. Complete the stage to initiate the "stop the train" minigame. If the player comes in first, the next cutscene is shown: After being stopped, the train breaks free of its shell, revealling its true colors being a metallic silver, and the train creates wings so that it'll not fall of the cliff. The player then moves onto the final board: Fourth Dimension Space.

This is shown to be Sonic's Dream World in the game's opening.



Name Artist Length Music Track
With go V-Train N/A 2:35
With go V-Train

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