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The Virtual Hedgehog is a robotic version of Sonic the Hedgehog that was created by Dr. Eggman in Sonic Colors and is playable in Game Land. They also appear as the only playable characters in the Multiplayer mode of Sonic Lost World. It looks exactly like Sonic but comes in a variety of different colors and other features.


Virtual Hedgehog was first leaked by Amazon in August 2010, with one certain screenshot, but the image was speedily removed.

Later on 2 September 2010, IGN revealed the Virtual Hedgehogs along with the information that they would be playable in Sonic Colors, but only in the co-op (later they were confirmed to be also playable Solo while having to switch characters at anytime whenever they please).


Virtual Hedgehog looks exactly like Sonic, but comes in a variety of different colors. It has a red antenna sticking out of its head, it has no pupils, and its eyes glow according to its color. It also has a circular light on each hand and its chest (that too depends on the color). There is a white cuff around its neck. Also, instead of Sonic's white folded cuffs, it has a gray metal ring on its ankles and wrists.

The color of the eyes and the "bulbs" they have on their hands vary; it depends on the color of the robot:

  • Blue Virtual Hedgehog: Cyan eyes and bulbs.
  • Red Virtual Hedgehog: Yellow eyes and bulbs.
  • Pink Virtual Hedgehog: Purple eyes and bulbs.
  • Green Virtual Hedgehog: Orange eyes and bulbs.
  • Black Virtual Hedgehog: Light blue eyes and bulbs.


  • The glowing red antenna on its head is similar to the orb on the Tails Doll.
  • When using a Color Power, the Virtual Hedgehog stays the same color as its dominant color unlike Sonic who changes into the Wisps' Color.
  • The Red Virtual Hedgehog is the only one to not have a color that is based off of a Hedgehog that has appeared in the series (games or otherwise) although in fairness it could represent Knuckles the Echidna since he is a character that is red.
  • The colors of the Virtual Hedgehogs in the Wii U version of Sonic Lost World are red and green, the colors of Mario and Luigi respectively. This is ironic, given that a major complaint about the game is that it's more of a Mario game then a Sonic game.




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