This character exists primarily within the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.

Robot Santa is a character that appears in the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog television series. It was a Badnik created by Dr. Ivo Robotnik to impersonate Santa Claus for his own nefarious needs.


Robot Santa looked extremely similar to the real Santa Claus. It resembled a male human with a large girth, a white beard, and short and thin legs. It was also built to look it wore a thick red and white coat, red pants, black boots, mint mittens, a red and white bobble hat, and thick round glasses. Unlike the real Santa Claus however, Robot Santa had a straight and smooth body (due to him being made of metal) with almost no curves.


Robot Santa was created by Dr. Robotnik as a part of an evil scheme to take over Christmas and bring every present to the doctor. After imprisoning the real Santa Claus, Robot Santa took his place and impersonated him on global television where he announced his retirement to Mobius and proclaimed Robotnik as his successor. This gave Robotnik the authority to claim all Mobius' presents for himself.[1]

When Sonic caught wind of this scheme, Robot Santa accompanied Scratch, and Grounder when they went to deal with Sonic by dropping a metal box on him with a magnet. However, Sonic hijacked the magnet and attached Robot Santa, Scratch and Grounder to it before releasing it, making them all smash into the ground and destroying Robot Santa.[1]


Robot Santa did not possess much of a personality and was machine-like in behavior, albeit with a few bugs. He was rather dim-witted and was apparently only programmed to say Christmas-related things; even when about to be destroyed, Robot Santa only yelled "Happy Holidays!"[1]