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Eggman sending his robots.
Robot Storm
Heroes RobotStorm
Team Dark in Robot Storm.

Sonic Heroes
(Only appearance)


Mystic Mansion


A more difficult version of Robot Carnival.

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Team Battle 2

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Egg Emperor

Robot Storm (ロボットストーム Robottosutōmu?) is a sentry robot troop and the second enemy gauntlet in Sonic Heroes.


This battle is generally more difficult than Robot Carnival; as the battle is longer and includes nearly all of the enemies encountered so far. In addition, the player could accidentally fall of the arena and lose a life. This boss is notably easier for Team Chaotix, due to their Team Blast, Chaotix Recital, which adds rings for every enemy destroyed on the field. The rings allow the move to be performed again. Team Rose only faces four waves. Team Sonic and Team Dark face three Egg Hammers after a wave that consists of one Egg Hammer; in addition, with Team Dark, their last wave consists of two normal Egg Hammers, while having one Heavy Egg Hammer.

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