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Robotnikcon One, from Sonic the Comic #46. Art by Roberto Corona.

Robotnikcon One is an event that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. It was a convention disguised as a Badnik Processing Plant by Dr. Robotnik.


The convention took place in the Chemical Plant Zone and was designed to enslave everybody who visited. As it turned out, the convention center was a disguised Badnik Processing Plant, and anyone entering it would be turned into a Balkiry or Buzz Bomber.[1]

To have his plan work, Dr. Robotnik forced everybody to attend and nobody knew the convention's true purpose, believing it was an attempt of self-aggrandizing on Robotnik's behalf. Regardless, the Freedom Fighters caught wind of Robotnik's plot, so Sonic, Tails and Porker Lewis came to the convention undercover. After being hassled by a Trooper, Sonic gave them away and started attacking. The Freedom Fighters then prevented anybody else from volunteering to become a Badnik, before trashing the rest of them. For good measure, Sonic collapsed a statue on top of the building, ending production of future Badniks.[1]


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