The Rocket Accel (ロケットアクセル Roketto Akuseru?) is a Speed Formation maneuver used by Team Sonic, Team Dark, Team Rose and Team Chaotix in Sonic Heroes. When performing this move, the Power type and/or Fly type member of the team launch the Speed type member forward at high speed.


When performing the Rocket Accel, the Speed type member of the team rolls into a ball, while the remaining teammates get up behind the Speed type member. Once gathered, the other teammates push the Speed type member forward with extreme force, thus propelling the Speed type member forward at high speed as a yellow field forms around him/her, allowing the player to damage enemies caught in the Speed type member's path. Additionally, the Rocket Accel can attract nearby Rings and can have the same effects as the Tornado Jump when used near poles and enemies.

To perform the Rocket Accel in gameplay, the selected must be in Speed Formation with the Speed type member as the leader. The player then has to hold down the action button (XboxX/PSSquareButton/SNNBGAMECUBEDISCO) until the teammates have gathered behind the Speed type member and then release it to use Rocket Accel. However, if the player's timing is wrong, the Speed type member will perform his/hers Solo Attack.

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