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The Rocket Beetle is a robot deployed by the military organization Guardian Units of Nations and part of the Beetle series.


The Rocket Beetle looks identical to the Gun Beetles that appear in the game.



A Rocket Beetle firing at Shadow.

In Shadow the Hedgehog, the Rocket Beetles appear as an enemy. They exclusively appear in Iron Jungle, having been deployed there to fight Badniks.

Like the Mono Beetle, the Rocket Beetles can track the player's movements very precisely, and can fire almost consecutively at them from any position. The Rocket Beetles mostly hover left and right while facing a group of enemies, though they will only fire at the player. When the player is within their vicinity, they will immediately face them, and will return to their original position should the player get too far from them. When defeated, they drop a 4-Shot RPG.

Powers and abilities

The Rocket Beetle carries solely an 4-Shot RPG, which it uses to fire powerful missiles at its enemy, making it one of the deadlier robots in the Beetle series.


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