This location exists primarily or exclusively within the Sonic the Comic continuity.
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Amy Rose and Tekno the Canary in the Rocky Valley Zone from Sonic the Comic #105. Art by Andy Pritchett.

The Rocky Valley Zone is a location that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. It is a natur-filled Zone of Mobius.


As the name suggests, the Rocky Valley Zone is filled with rocky mountains and valleys. Much of the land is covered in parks and forests, and is a favoured spot for recreational hiking,[1] but other parts of the Zone are barren and contain several active volcanoes, as well as the massive Sky High Peak rock formation.[2]


Amy Rose and Tekno the Canary visited the Rocky Valley Zone for a hiking trip on their day off. They discovered that Sid and Tone had found a chest of gold treasure and refused to share with the local residents. Amy was able to convince Sid and Tone that the gold was fake, leading them to abandoning it so that Amy and Tekno could distribute it among the residents of the Zone.[1]

Doctor Robotnik later lured Sonic to the top of Sky High Peak in the Rocky Valley Zone, supposedly to discuss a truce. However, Robotnik himself did not attend and communicated by means of a holographic projection. He intended to destroy Sonic with a Plasma Ray Cannon, and destroyed the top of Sky High Peak, but fortunately Sonic had expected such trickery and sent a holographic projection of himself as well.[2]

Fabian Vane later hid in a Rocky Valley Zone cave along with his Fan Club as part of a publicity stunt when he faked his own kidnapping. Despite automated defences around the cave, Fabian was tracked down by Amy and Tekno and his ruse exposed.[3]


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