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Rooftop Run
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Rooftop Run (オレンジルーフス Orenjirūfusu?, lit. "Orange Roofs") is the eighth Stage in the console/PC version of Sonic Generations. This stage is part of the original Rooftop Run from Sonic Unleashed. It is one of the stages featured in the Modern era of the game.


The visual aspects of the stage are very similar to its counterpart in the PS3/360 versions of Sonic Unleashed. A celebration of some kind seems to be partaking whilst the two Sonics progress through the stage, with confetti and balloons decorating the sky, similar to Tropical Resort from Sonic Colors. The balloons can be used to bounce to a higher area. A lot of the gimmicks from the night stages of the original Spagonia are in the classic version although many of them act differently. The rolling barrels previously used to break open gates will instead chase Classic Sonic. An airship with an Eggman symbol has been shown, where Classic Sonic will jump into the airship, while Modern will chase the Flying Battery with three Egg Chasers. Like Seaside Hill, this stage has a reference to Sonic 3 and Knuckles, in the form of the Flying Battery Zone.

Concept art of the Egg Chaser robot was found in the Sonic Generations demo, and was later officially revealed in a set of screenshots along with the Egg Fighter and Egg Launcher. The Egg Chasers will act differently in classic stages, chasing him on a 2-D plane.


Challenge Acts

Act 1

Act 2

  • Barrel Ring Bonus: Smash open barrels to get the Rings inside and grab a set number before time runs out.
  • Doppelganger Race!: Face off against Sonic's double and beat him in a race to the Goal.
  • Rooftop Rail Grind: Go boarding across the rooftops and clear the stage in time.
  • Endless Boost: Boost to the Goal before time runs out to earn the Endless Boost Skill.
  • Vector: Pick Up the Beat: Pass notes back and forth with Vector until the croc misses the beat.


  • Spagonia appears to be in a middle of a celebration that wasn't present in the original version of the Stage. It seems this celebration is international as every country's flag of Sonic Unleashed is present in the background of the classic gameplay.
  • The cameo appearance of Flying Battery Zone makes a reference to when it had a seemingly random appearance in the first Zone of Sonic the Hedgehog 3.
    • In a video showcasing Rooftop Run Act 2, the Flying Battery Zone flies around the city following Sonic, it drops the barrels that roll down the hills and it lets out the Aero Chasers towards the end of the Stage, releasing more when then the others are destroyed.
    • This time around the Flying Battery Zone's appearance makes some of the oddities in Sonic Unleashed make more sense compared to its originally random appearance it had in Sonic 3. The Flying Battery Zone releasing the barrels and Aero Chasers explains why they are there, in Sonic Unleashed the barrels would appear out of nowhere when Sonic got to the top of the hill, and the Aero Chasers would also randomly fly onto the stage when the others were destroyed.
  • This is the only stage in Sonic Generations to have been previously created with the Hedgehog Engine. Therefore it is the Stage with the least amount of graphical enhancements. Although the Generations version differs in many ways compared to the original Sonic Unleashed portrayal.
  • The Act 2 theme for the Stage is similar to the original with several enhancements to the violin, melody and bass modifications, and an alternate intro.
  • In the original, Sonic went to the Big Tower using springs, while in this version, he uses a Rainbow Ring and Combo Tricks to get over top of it to ride a rail on the other side.
  • Act 1's remix for this stage seems to be completely different from the original, unlike most of his remixes.
  • This is the only positive stage in the Modern era, since this stage throws a celebration while Crisis City is a burning apocalypse and Planet Wisp is a forest destroyed by Eggman's technology.
  • Some parts in the Stage are also from the Spagonia Town Stage from Sonic Unleashed, such as the Spagonia University.
  • In Act 1, it has parts where you can use huge barrels to destroy enemies, much similar to some parts of the night stage of Rooftop Run in Sonic Unleashed.
    • Classic Sonic turning the clock tower can also resemble one of the night stages of when the Werehog changes the time.
  • In Act 1, Classic Sonic can be controlled in 3D via a glitch using the Thunder Shield Double Jump ability while being catapulted through a set of springs directly after leaving the front of the university.
    • If you get a checkpoint while in 3D before losing a life (with at least 1 life left), the controls will become glitchy, and the camera will be viewed similar to Modern Sonic's 3D sections.



Sonic Generations Rooftop Run (Classic) 1080 HD02:57

Sonic Generations Rooftop Run (Classic) 1080 HD

Sonic Generations Rooftop Run (Modern) 2'0802:37

Sonic Generations Rooftop Run (Modern) 2'08"95 1080 HD



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