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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Archie Comics continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.
For the character in the Sonic the Hedgehog television series, see Rotor Walrus (SatAM).
Rotor the Walrus
Rotor the Walrus ReD 2014 2
Rotor the Walrus, post-Super Genesis Wave
First appearance

Sonic the Hedgehog #0

in other media
Biographical overview


Also known as
  • Rote
  • Boomer
Physical description





111.7 cm (3' 8")


95 kg (119 lbs)






Bomber jacket, Yellow baseball cap, Green tool belt, Glasses, Council of Acorn uniform

Alignment and character traits



Machines, robots, Sonic, Sally, Tails, Bunnie, Nicole, inventing, science fiction, static electricity, explosives, reading, maintaining his various inventions and Bunnie's mechanical parts, fish


Robotnik, Snively, evil robots, fat jokes, opening his closet, his closet in general, cleaning power surges, obsolete technology, pollution, stuff that doesn't work, whenever Antoine's being annoying, Sonic being annoying, Sally or Bunnie being upset

Skills, abilities and powers

Mechanic and inventor, high strength and swimming, Enhanced strength, Excellent Swimmer, Expert Knowledge of Mechanics & Technology, High Intelligence, World-Class Engineering Skills

Rotor the Walrus, also called Rotor Walrus, is a fictional character and a protagonist in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics. He is a purple, male, anthropomorphic walrus who serves as the Freedom Fighters' resident mechanic and inventor. Rotor created many of Knothole Village's surveillance and security systems. Although a bit clumsy, Rotor has proven himself valiant and courageous throughout the war against Dr. Robotnik and beyond. He is a trusted friend to everyone who knows him. He exists in both the Pre-and Post-Super Genesis Wave timeline.


Pre-Super Genesis Wave



Rotor's profile from Archie Sonic Archives Volume 2

Rotor hails from a northern continent where his family resides, who were victims of terrible brainwashing for the longest time until recent events. Rotor's father Sherman worked with Sonic's father and Uncle Chuck as their personal pilot. Although briefly seen, he exhibits remarkable piloting skill. It is unknown if this has carried over to his son.

Freedom Fighter

In early days, Rotor was known as "Boomer", a name taken on by his alternate nemesis Anti-Rotor.

Rotor's easygoing nature has also carried over to the comics. Even Knuckles the Echidna and a few others outside of his initial group seem to respect Rotor and enjoy his company. Rotor's quiet and insightful ways have made him something of an unsung hero in the war, working in the background instead of the front lines.

Rotor is currently helping his friends in any way he can, and was acting as a quasi-mentor to Tommy Turtle as well, helping him become acquainted with his new life. Unfortunately, this relationship came to an end after Tommy was enslaved by A.D.A.M., resulting in his death under the guns of the Egg Fleet. Rotor was also one of the prisoners taken by Eggman during the destruction of Knothole, though quick action by the survivors of the attack resulted in a successful rescue mission. However, injuries to his back due to time spent in the Egg Grape Chamber left him unable to participate in Freedom Fighter activities for some time afterwards. Instead, he was elected a member of the new Council of Acorn, a group of six elected members and King Elias established to bring about some much-needed political changes in the Kingdom. Rather than get a break from the stress of combat, however, Rotor found himself in the middle of an even more dangerous situation: Knuckles' arch-nemesis, the Chaos Emerald powered entity called Enerjak, had been reborn thanks to the machinations of the Dark Legion scientist Dr. Finitevus and was now intent on conquering Mobius.

Council Member

Rotor the Walrus

Rotor's lab appearance.

Currently Rotor was attacked by his Anti-Mobius counterpart, Boomer, who mocked him for not being able to defend himself. He ran away to call the Chaotix while Sonic and the rests of The Freedom Fighters continuing battling The Suppression Squad. After freedom HQ was taken by The Suppression Squad Rotor and Tails built The Star Posts where Amy and Sonic will find Dr. Kintobor. He did not participate in the battle against Scourge and Fiona.

Post-Super Genesis Wave

A New Rotor

Rotor remember

Rotor getting his memories of his previous life

Following the events of When Worlds Collide, Sonic and Tails started their search for the other Freedom Fighters at the Mystic Ruins. There, they found a newly-designed Rotor and helped him fend off Eggman's forces. Sonic and Tails were shocked to see his new appearance, but Rotor was completely unaware that anything had happened to him.

After showing off the Sky Patrol, Tails restored Rotor's memories via NICOLE's handheld. Although shocked about his previous life, Rotor told Sonic and Tails where to find the other Freedom Fighters so that they can have their memories restored as well.

Powers and Abilities

Rotor is adept at creating tools and machines for use in the war against Dr. Robotnik and beyond, as well as deciphering new technology. On a few occasions in the comic he's proved to be quite a marksman with firearm-like weapons as well. Of course, being a walrus, he's an excellent swimmer, and his endurance is top-notch as well.

Rotor's a mechanical super genius, a quick thinker, very insightful, and has a penchant for having quite a bit of luck on the occasions he must see field work. He also has sniping and general marksmanship, good swimming, and shows a hint of strategic skill. Unfortunately, his large body lends itself toward appearing clumsy. He's durable due to his species and build, but he has limited general combat skills. However, in the warped version of Mobius created by Dr. Eggman interrupting Super Sonic's reverse Genesis Wave, Rotor is extremely muscular and, as a result, extremely strong and skilled in combat. He demonstrates little difficulty fighting Eggman's robots with his bare fists.

Appearances in Other Media


Spinball rotor cameo

Rotor's cameo in Sonic the Hedgehog Spinball

Rotor made a brief cameo in the first and third bonus stages in Sonic the Hedgehog Spinball. Amongst other Freedom Fighters and Animal friends, Sonic can free Rotor from capsules. Once freed, Rotor (like all the other characters) flies away. Rotor is purple with a yellow cap, the same color scheme he sports in the Archie Comics series and the Sonic the Hedgehog television series' pilot episode.


Rotor makes a cameo in the Sonic the Hedgehog (Play-a-Sound) book, appearing with Antoine and Bunnie in the background of the first page.

Rotor appears in three of the Sonic the Hedgehog novels written by Michael Teitelbaum in the mid nineties:

In these books Rotor fills the same role as in the comic and cartoon series, never being the main focus of the plots.


  • By mistake, Rotor was named Boomer in the earliest issues of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series. It was corrected in issue #6, as well as reprints for these early stories. However, in the letters page, when a fan asked the deal with Rotor's old name, it was explained that "Boomer" was actually a nickname the character had in his childhood; some stories depicting the Freedom Fighters in their childhood even have him addressed as Boomer. Also noteworthy is that on a storyboard of the original title sequence included on the Sonic the Hedgehog: The Complete Series DVD box set, a handwritten note can clearly be seen referring to Rotor as Boomer, suggesting that this was his original name. A nod to this is that Anti-Rotor's true name is Boomer to distinguish himself from regular Rotor. Also, Silver thought that Boomer was his real name and that Rotor replaced Boomer during his childhood.
    • After the timeline was reset due to Dr. Eggman's "Operation: Clean Sweep", he is again referred to as "Boomer Walrus".
  • In the book Robotnik's Revenge, Rotor is mistakenly referred to as a sea lion.
  • In the letters page of StH #46, Rotor's age was given as 16 at the time, however this age is likely no longer canon due to the continuity reboot.
  • In issues 215-216 of Archie Comics, Silver is searching for a traitor to the Freedom Fighters that destroyed his future. While searching, he managed to figure out that the original Walrus Freedom Fighter was not known as Rotor, but Boomer. He theorizes that Rotor replaced Boomer and is a traitor all along. But when he finds Rotor in the present, Rotor manages to convince him that he's not the traitor and requests for Silver's help, to which Silver agrees.
  • In Sonic: Evolution of a Hero, it is stated that Rotor helped in educating Tails to genius level intellect.
  • Former writer Ken Penders revealed Oct. 30, 2009 on his message board that he considered Rotor to be homosexual, stating "I thought it was fairly obvious Rotor was gay, and begun laying the groundwork for that storyline during the Light Mobius segments. I even showed his life partner without saying as such and planted clues between the lines.". [1] This suggests that Cobar was Rotor's "life partner" in Mobius: X Years Later, which was confirmed on his message board. [2]. Because of the fear of backlash over the relationship, SEGA ordered Ken to keep the relationship low-key, only providing subtle hints in the series as to the relationship. [3]
    • According to Flynn, this is considered non-canon, so it seems very unlikely that it will show up in any form. Since the reveal of this never appeared within the story and whatever clues there were are practically nonexistent, it seems even more likely that this character trait will not be brought up again.
  • When wearing his battle suit during combat, he has a striking resemblance to the Bad-Box-Art Mega Man from Street Fighter X Tekken.


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