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Rotor's House is the living space for Rotor Walrus in Sonic the Hedgehog television series.


The house is a three-story house with bowed walls from the bottom to the middle level, and a viewing platform at the top. It appears to be the most spacious house of all the Freedom Fighters (the others all appear to live in one-story huts).

The house in general is strangely-built; with a bowed bottom level. There are three stories: the ground floor, a middle floor and an open top level. To one side is a separate closet in which he keeps odds, ends, bits, bobs and anything he wants to stash away.

Outside and to one side of Rotor's house is a store room built of wood. This is the only real glimpse we get of Rotor's organizational habits, but either he's a slob when it comes to storing things or this is his one 'black hole' storage place.

The top level of Rotor's house is a wooden viewing platform with a canopy. It is protected by low, slightly angled walls on three sides and has a sloping wall with an attachment for a telescope. There is roughly enough room for all ten of the Freedom Fighters to stand in there with enough space to move comfortably.