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Rotor Walrus is one of the main characters in the Sonic the Hedgehog television series. He is an anthropomorphic walrus and a member of the Knothole Freedom Fighters who fight against the evil Dr. Robotnik. He serves as the team mechanic, inventing reliable gadgets for his team and their missions.


While still a child, Rotor met Sonic, Sally, and Bunnie as well as Antoine when they were children. Rotor's calm and friendly temperament made them friends quickly, and his intelligence served the gang of misfits quite a bit as well.

This happy life was not meant to last however. Sometime after meeting his best friends, Dr. Robotnik's coup of Mobotropolis occurred, and Rotor and the other children were forced into hiding in the forest sanctuary of Knothole. From here, the liberation group known only as the Freedom Fighters started. This group, thanks to the incredible talents of Sonic the Hedgehog, as well as Sally Acorn's leadership and strategy, Bunnie Rabbot's half cybernetic strength, and Rotor's own mechanical genius as well as the combined talents of many others proved effective against Robotnik, leading to his eventual downfall and subsequent events.


Rotor is on good terms with just about everyone in Knothole. He rarely goes into any confrontation of any kind with any subordinate. This stability seems to be something his fellow Freedom Fighter comrades and best friends cherish during times of change and confusion.


  • It is noteworthy is that on a storyboard of the original title sequence included on the Sonic the Hedgehog: The Complete Series DVD box set, a handwritten note can clearly be seen referring to Rotor as "Boomer", suggesting that this was his original name.
  • During the second season, Rotor was drastically re-designed. He became chubbier and the shape of his snout and tusks became smaller. His eyes now had orange irises. His tool belt was now a darker red and started wearing black gloves. Though his personality remained largely the same, he tended to stay behind more often than in the first season. Antoine would often act as his assistant.
  • On the back cover of the Doomsday Project DVD, in an episode description, Rotor is mistakenly and repeatedly referred to as "Robot".


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