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Rouge: The Temptress

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Rouge: The Temptress

Seaside Hill




Press PSTriangleButton/XboxYto have Rouge take out enemies using her wiles and reach the goal in time.

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Rouge: The Temptress is the first Challenge Act for Seaside Hill Act 2 in Sonic Generations, as well as the second Challenge Act that Rouge the Bat appears in, the first being Rouge: The Bombardier. As it is an Act 2 challenge act, only Modern Sonic is playable.


In this Challenge Act, Modern Sonic travels through Seaside Hill Act 2 at night. However, the Egg Pawns blocking his path are carrying small, circular shields, and a Homing Attack is useless because Sonic just bounces off the shields. He cannot simply jump over them, either, because they must be defeated in order to activate the blue barriers ahead which act as floors and/or prevent Sonic from falling into the water below. In order to defeat the Egg Pawns, the player must press the Triangle/Y button to summon Rouge. Rouge hovers in front of Sonic for a brief amount of time, spraying a line of hearts wherever Sonic turns. Should the hearts touch an enemy, the robot will instantly become lovestruck, as its eyes will be replaced by hearts and it lowers his shield. Sonic then has a short time to attack the Egg Pawn before it overcome its emotions. When it is destroyed, a new path appears ahead, or a barrier is lifted. After five seconds or so of spraying hearts, Rouge disappears in a puff of smoke. Once Sonic reaches the Goal Ring, the mission is completed, and the player is ranked according to his/her time.


  • This is the only time Seaside Hill in the entire Sonic the Hedgehog franchise has ever been shown at night.


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