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Sonic Advance 3
Route 99

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Route 99
Sonic on Route 99
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Route 99 (ルート99 Rūto 99?) is the first Zone in Sonic Advance 3. It is a highly urbanized area and one of the parts of Earth that Dr. Eggman created when he broke the planet into seven parts with Chaos Control.


It lies on the outskirts of a large metropolis. It appears to be a highway near the city. It has 3 acts, a boss fight and a Special Stage spring.


Main article: Egg Hammer 3

The boss here starts off with a fight with Gemerl. To defeat him, the player needs to hit him four/two times. Then the characters are escorted to fight with the Egg Hammer 3. To defeat it, the player will need to know when he's going to hit you. The hammer will smash left and right alternatively. When Dr. Eggman smashes down, the player need to smash his face in. The player need to hit him eight/six times for him to be destroyed.


  • The city background of this level appears to be based on a pre-2001 Lower Manhattan as a skyscraper that resembles the North Tower of the former World Trade Center complex (as well as other buildings that resemble the surrounding World Financial Center) can be seen amongst the skyline. The original building was destroyed in the 11 September attacks, nearly 3 years before the release of Sonic Advance 3.
  • The background music that plays in the stage is a remix of the Sonic Battle version of Tails' Lab.
  • The name of this zone could be a reference to the famous U.S. highway, Route 66.


Sonic Advance 3 02:51

Sonic Advance 3 "Route 99 Act 1" Music

Sonic Advance 3 02:39

Sonic Advance 3 "Route 99 Act 2" Music

Sonic Advance 3 02:52

Sonic Advance 3 "Route 99 Act 3" Music

Sonic Advance 3 01:26

Sonic Advance 3 "Route 99 Map" Music

Sonic Generations Original Soundtrack Route 99 Sonic Advance 302:56

Sonic Generations Original Soundtrack Route 99 Sonic Advance 3


Sonic Advance 3 Route 99 Act 1 HD Test01:23

Sonic Advance 3 Route 99 Act 1 HD Test

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