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Row! Canoe salvage

Row! Canoe Salvage is a mini-game in the Party Mode of Sonic and the Secret Rings.


Hold the Wii remote sideways and turn it left and right to paddle the canoe.


Each player is sitting in a canoe which is in the center of a circular lake. Once the game starts, golden medals drop from the sky onto the surface of the lake. While the medals float on the lake, the player must collect them by touching them with his or her canoe. However, if no one collects them within a certain amount of time, they disappear. Collecting a small medal awards the player one point; collecting a large medal awards the player three points. The player with the most points at the end of the time limit wins.


  • Don't let the angle of the camera affect the way you paddle. Just remember to paddle as if you were viewing the game from your character's perspective.
  • You can paddle backwards.

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