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Ruff and his friend Stripes from Sonic the Comic #4. Art by Ed Hillyer.

Ruff is a character that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. He is a dog, resembling a small brown terrier with a black patch over his right eye, who is a resident of the Emerald Hill Zone. He is best friends with a badger named Stripes.


Ruff and Stripes stumbled across Badnik Sonic destroying Star Posts as part of Doctor Robotnik's plan to eliminate all access to his new Special Zone base. Ruff was convinced that this badnik was the real Sonic, citing his crazy spikes and ability to spin as proof, although Stripes thought that the being they saw was too large to be Sonic. The two of them were soon ambushed by badnik versions of themselves, and Ruff was installed as an organic battery in the Badnik Ruff. Ruff and Stripes were later freed when Sonic blackmailed Robotnik into releasing the captives.[1]


  • Ruff's friendship with Stripes is slightly ironic, since in the real world terriers were bred to hunt animals such as badgers.


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