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The Rusty Ruin Zone boss is the second boss encountered in Sonic 3D Blast in Rusty Ruin Zone, piloted by Dr. Robotnik.


Before the battle, Dr. Robotnik encloses his Egg Mobile inside an ancient armored statue and begins to control it, a tactic he last used in Sandopolis Zone of Sonic & Knuckles. His attacks include pounding against the ground using the hands of the statue and shooting a series of projectiles from the bottom of the statue along the floor. Both of these attacks can be easily avoided by jumping. The key to defeating the scientist is to jump onto one of the hands after it smashes to the ground. Once Robotnik raises both hands up again, Sonic is in range of the mobile, and must attack the cockpit before the hands smash down again. After five hits, Robotnik flees the arena.

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