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Quotation1 Your ultimate SEGA squad is waiting. Join the adventure now! Quotation2
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SEGA Heroes is a mobile game developed and published by Sega. The game is a role-playing puzzle game starring various characters from Sega franchises, including Sonic the Hedgehog, Shinobi, Super Monkey Ball and Golden Axe. The game will include events, a PvP arena, bosses, and a survival mode. Players will be able to upgrade their characters and "Quest through SEGA history, as you build an all-star team".


An evil being named Dremagen (the master of a thousand dimensions) begins to collect heroes from across different worlds and rule them all. She does so with a clone army she made of the heroes.

In the dimension that Dremagen forced several heroes into, Amy Rose meets Ax Battler and requests his assistance to help their friends. They soon run into a clone of Joe Musashi and manage to defeat him. Afterwards, the duo meet up with AiAi and continue their quest with him. Along the way, they run into villains that are helping Dremagen's cause, such as Mr. X, Death Adder and Dr. Eggman. Thus Amy, Ax, and AiAi team up with more heroes to take down Dremagen.



Playable characters

Icon Name Series Color Abilities Rarity Unlocking Criteria
Adam Hunter Streets of Rage Yellow Combo Kick
Pipe Smash
Rare 25 Hero Shards
Ageha Shinobi Blue Ohkajin
Shadow Dash
Common 10 Hero Shards
AiAi Super Monkey Ball Yellow Banana Shower
Monkey Ball Guard
Common 10 Hero Shards
Alis Landale Phantasy Star Yellow Shield Bash
Warrior's Spirit
Legendary 65 Hero Shards
Amy Rose Sonic the Hedgehog Green Hammer Attack
Spin Hammer Attack
Fighting Spirit
Common Starter
Ax Battler Golden Axe Blue Earthshaker
War Cry
Battle Frenzy
Common Starter
Axel Stone Streets of Rage Blue Uppercut
Home Run
Rare 25 Hero Shards
Baby Super Monkey Ball Blue Tantrum
Diaper Dash
Future Baby
Legendary 65 Hero Shards
Beat Jet Set Radio Red Theater of Sound
Beat This
Smooth Moves
Rare 25 Hero Shards
Big the Cat Sonic the Hedgehog Green Whale!
Gone Fishing
A Big Friendly Cat
Common 10 Hero Shards
Blaze Fielding Streets of Rage Red Triple Strike
Embuyaku Kick
Blitz Fighter
Common 10 Hero Shards
Captain Onishima Jet Set Radio Yellow Call for Backup!
Six Shooter
Law, Order, and Justice
Epic 50 Hero Shards
Cream & Cheese Sonic the Hedgehog Yellow Chao Charge
Dive Attack
Common 10 Hero Shards
Death Adder Golden Axe Yellow Ground Spike
The Golden Axe
Lord of Snakes
Epic 50 Hero Shards
DJ Professor K Jet Set Radio Blue Jet Set Radio!!!
Funky Radio
Hard Walking Truth Talking
Legendary 65 Hero Shards
Gilius Thunderhead Golden Axe Green Thunderbolt
Body Check
Hardy Constitution
Rare 25 Hero Shards
GonGon Super Monkey Ball Green Monkey Punch
Pumped Up
Super Monkey Wall
Rare 25 Hero Shards
Gum Jet Set Radio Green Minty Cool Flavor
Graffiti Trainer
Rare 25 Hero Shards
Hibana Shinobi Red Stealth Attack
Futaba Blade Flurry
The Scarlet Flower
Common 10 Hero Shards
Hotsuma Shinobi Green Akujiki, Cursed Blade
Ninjutsu: Raijin
Stealth Dash
Legendary 65 Hero Shards
Joe Musashi Shinobi Yellow Jitsu of Karyu
Hassu Shuriken
Art of Shinobi
Rare 25 Hero Shards
Knuckles Sonic the Hedgehog Red Drill Claw
Short Temper
Rare 25 Hero Shards
Lassic Phantasy Star Red Forked Lightning
Dark Force
Legendary 65 Hero Shards
MeeMee Super Monkey Ball Red Pink Volcano
Sweet Bouquet
MeeMee's Lesson
Epic 50 Hero Shards
Mr. X Streets of Rage Green Shooting Frenzy
Stock Smash
Crime Lord
Epic 50 Hero Shards
Rolf Phantasy Star Blue Megid
Laconian Sword
Common 10 Hero Shards
Rouge Sonic the Hedgehog Blue Charm Ray
Screw Kick
Acrobatic Prowess
Rare 25 Hero Shards
Shadow Sonic the Hedgehog Red Chaos Boost
Chaos Spear
Indomitable Will
Epic 50 Hero Shards
Sonic Sonic the Hedgehog Blue Spin Dash
Sonic Boom
Gotta Go Fast
Epic 50 Hero Shards
Tails Sonic the Hedgehog Yellow Support
Shield Generator
Legendary 65 Hero Shards
Tyris Flare Golden Axe Red Dragon's Breath
Purifying Blade
Fire of Axirian
Legendary 65 Hero Shards
Wren Phantasy Star Green Positron Bolt
Cyborg Body
Epic 50 Hero Shards


Name Series Abilities
Androcop Phantasy Star Target Acquired!
Self Repair
Bad Brother Golden Axe Stinging Smash
Banana Thief (Purple) Super Monkey Ball Hungry Burgle
Banana Thief (Green) Super Monkey Ball Burgle Bonk
Banana Thief (Orange) Super Monkey Ball Big Burgle
Banana Thief (White) Super Monkey Ball Banana Burgle
Banana Thief (Yellow) Super Monkey Ball Grand Theft Burgle
Buzz Bomber (Blue) Sonic the Hedgehog Sting
Buzz Bomber (Purple) Sonic the Hedgehog
Buzz Bomber (Red) Sonic the Hedgehog Buzz Bomb
Captaincop Phantasy Star Hands Up!
Self Repair
Caterkiller (Blue) Sonic the Hedgehog Catercharge
Physical Immunity
Caterkiller (Purple) Sonic the Hedgehog Caterboop
Caterkiller (Red) Sonic the Hedgehog Catergrow
Crabmeat (Blue) Sonic the Hedgehog Crab Shell
Crabmeat (Red) Sonic the Hedgehog Pincer Shot
Crabmeat (Purple) Sonic the Hedgehog Crab Guard
Death Adder Jr. Golden Axe Vengeful Ground Spike
The Golden Axe
Lord of Snakes
Dr. Eggman Sonic the Hedgehog Lock-on Missiles
Laser Blast
Galsia (Blue) Streets of Rage Jab
Galsia (Red) Streets of Rage Knockout
Gen. Heartland Golden Axe Gen Heartland Smash
Gruziya Golden Axe Resolve
G Signal Streets of Rage Spirit Breaker
Guldsligaya Golden Axe Valor
Heninger Golden Axe Mace Bash
Heninger (Golden) Golden Axe Golden Mace
Heninger (Green) Golden Axe
Heninger (Red) Golden Axe Sentry
Heninger (Statue) Golden Axe Stone Guard
Lemanaya Golden Axe Defiance
Magician Golden Axe Zonde
Metal Sonic Sonic the Hedgehog V. Maximum Overdrive
Ring Spark Field
Ninja (Blue) Shinobi Shuriken
Ninja (Green) Shinobi Cursed Shuriken
Ninja (Purple) Shinobi Silent Shuriken
Ninja (Red) Shinobi Corrupting Flames
P Signal Streets of Rage Knee Breaker
Robotcop Phantasy Star Halt!
Self Repair
R Signal Streets of Rage
R Signal Streets of Rage Slide Tackle
Sgt. Hop Golden Axe Sergeant Smash
Sgt. Malt Golden Axe Sergeant Smash
Sorcerer Golden Axe Foie
Strobaya Golden Axe Perseverance
Storchinaya Golden Axe Fury
Warlock Golden Axe Decay
Y Signal Streets of Rage Slide


  • This game was initially known as SEGA Legends.
  • When Amy meets Joe Musashi for the first time, she does not think highly of him as she has a friend who is a ninja as well, referring to Espio the Chameleon.
  • Ax calling Amy a rabbit (despite her appearance) may be a tongue in cheek reference to Sonic the Hedgehog's original design, where he was formerly a rabbit.
  • The yellow Banana Thief's move, Grand Theft Burgle, was named after the Grand Theft Auto video game series.
  • Froggy appears as a cameo during Big the Cat's victory animation. He is also referenced multiple times during the campaign.
    • An orca makes a cameo appearance as part of Big the Cat's "Whale!" attack.

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