This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Pre-Super Genesis Wave continuity.
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For the version of this character after the Super Genesis Wave, see Sabina. For the character in the Sonic the Hedgehog television series, see Sabina (SatAM).

Sabina is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs. She is a Mobian Dragon and the mother of Dulcy the Dragon.


At some point in her life, Sabina had a daughter whom she named Dulcy. Once day when Sabina sent out her young daughter to pick Whiffleberries, however, Sabina was captured and roboticized by SWATbots, along with many others of her kind.

When the Bem attempted to De-Roboticize all Robians on Mobius, Sabina and the rest of the roboticized dragons were the only beings on Mobius that was not De-Roboticize due to their magical properties.

Sabina and the other Roboticized dragons were later send to Vesuvio, the dragons' underground sanctuary, by Dr. Eggman to invade the place and roboticize its inhabitants. However, the dragon inhabitants were able to fight off these incursions, and Sabina and other roboticized dragons were destroyed when the dragons melted them to slag with a massed volley of flame breath. At first, Dulcy believed that this caused the death of her mother and the other roboticized dragons, but one of the elder dragons revealed that a dragon's spirit is eternal, and that Sabina and all the others would be reincarnated in future generations.

Powers and abilities

As a Mobian dragon, Sabina possessed magical properties and several different innate skills and powers. By utilizing the wings on her back, Sabina was capable of wing-borne flight, and she possessed natural high strength. Because of her short arms, Sabina possessed a highly prehensile and dexterous tail.[1]

Sabina also possessed the ability to perform different forms of elemental attacks. She could breath flames from her mouth or fire freezing bolts from her nostrils. She was also capable of air manipulation, which let her inhale massive amounts of air and use it to add it to her mass which would increase her weight and mass significantly, create smoke-screens to hide from enemies or blow gale-force winds when exhaling.[1]

As other dragons, Sabina possessed a pure heart which enabled her to detect falsehood, allowing her to tell whether a person was lying or not. Additional, she is incapable of telling a lie.[1]



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