The Samurai Blade[1] is an unlockable weapon that appears in Shadow the Hedgehog. It can be used by Shadow the Hedgehog.




Shadow wielding the Samurai Blade.

The Samurai Blade resembles a typical single-edge Katana. Its blade is about two meters long and colored silver, and its grip is colored yellow and black.


The Samurai Blade is a very strong weapon, but it has the least amount of ammo out of all the unlockable weapons in the game, only having three attacks before being upgraded and six times after. When upgraded however, if swung when out of the reach of an opponent, it sends out a shock wave, harming any enemies, but not using any ammo.

How to obtain

To unlock this weapon, one must complete one of the missions of GUN Fortress in Story Mode. To get it in upgraded version, the player would have to complete the opposite mission for the same stage.

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