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Sand Oasis is the second World in Sonic and the Secret Rings. It is the desert domain of King Shahryar.


Sonic and Shahra have to find King Shahryar before Erazor Djinn finds the king. After completing the Go to the Goal stage, Sonic and Shahra find the king inside a jar. Sonic, mistaking the king for Dr. Eggman, questions him if he's here because of King Shahryar. Shahra thens tells Sonic about the king not knowing who Eggman is. Suddenly, a pterosaur commanded by Erazor swoops down and kidnaps the king.

If the player goes further into Sand Oasis, Sonic and Shahra will find Ali Baba (Arabian Nights counterpart of Tails). After that, Sonic and Shahra will find the zone's boss, the Sand Scorpion. Upon defeating the boss, the yellow World Rings will appear. Sonic takes it and Shahra tells Sonic that whoever gathers up all seven World Rings will be offered as a sacrifice to open a gateway between worlds.

Big's Cameo

  • On the strip of land where pillars are rising out of the ground, use the brake to stop on the spot for a few seconds before you jump over the second falling pillar. You’ll see Big waving at you behind some shrubbery at Mission 1.
  • When the four pillars start to fall, brake for a few seconds in front of the first one on the right (It has a genie on it.). You’ll see Big swimming around with a Frog.



Concept artwork




Name Length Artist Music Track
Let the Speed Mend It 3:42 Fumie Kumatani
Let the Speed Mend it

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