Quotation1 Scale shrinks Sonic down to a minuscule size, making him harder to hit. Quotation2
Sonic the Hedgehog: Official Game Guide

Scale (スケール Sukēru?) is a move used by Sonic the Hedgehog, which has only appeared in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) as one of his Custom Actions. This move shrinks Sonic's size and allows him to perform jumps without limit. This move can only be used when Sonic possesses the Purple Gem.


To use Scale, it is required that Sonic is in the possession of the Purple Gem Level Up Item. To allow use of Scale the player then has to select the Purple Gem with the directional pad, and to execute it, the player has to press Right Trigger/R1 button.

When using Scale, Sonic shrinks down to a fraction of his size and remains in size for as long as the activation button is held down. In this state, Sonic runs automatically, similar to Auto Running, but his speed and jumps are increased proportionally to his size, allowing him to cross the same distances in the same time and reach the same heights when jumping as he could in his regular size. If the player wants to stop Sonic from running, they have to briefly push the control stick in the opposite direction.

The main effect of Scale is that it allows Sonic to perform infinite jumps in midair. Once Sonic jumps into the air, he can jump again (by pressing the jump button while in the jump) and again, allowing the player to make a chain of jumps for as long as desired. For each well-timed jump it will cause Sonic to go higher and higher into the air.

Though Scale is a great way to exploring the stages in the game, it is also one of the game's most "broken" features, as it allows the player to easily outside the game's boundaries, such as leaving the stage's field and prevent shifts with other characters during gameplay.

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