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Scarlet Garcia (スカーレット・ガルシア Sukāretto Garushia?) is a character in the anime series Sonic X and its comic series published by Archie Comics. She is a reporter for Station Square TV News and is praised by other journalists.



She is in almost every episode of seasons 1 and 2 but is absent from the third, due to most events taking place off Earth. Mister Stewart (going by the name Franklin) teamed up with Scarlet posing as a news director to get information on Project Shadow. Because Scarlet's father, who was also a journalist, died researching Project Shadow, she was at first reluctant to assist, but eventually agreed to help Mr. Stewart.

Archie Comics

She has also made appearances in the Sonic X comic series, in which she is revealed to be the host of a local talk show called Station Square Today.[2]


  • "Strange... what's Sonic doing? Why is he going the wrong way? It certainly is an odd tactic." - When Sonic flies away from her helicopter on T.V. from "Fast Friends"
  • "Amazing! Sonic not only crossed the finish line first, he went back for an encore!" - After they show the photos of Sonic winning from "Fast Friends"
  • "I understand now. Thank you." - When Mister Schmitz cries and she holds his hand from "Robotnik's Revenge"
  • "I'm doing an infomercial. This is gonna kill my credibility." - After doing the tournament commercial from "Prize Fights"
  • "Our viewers will be so disappointed, especially the millions of rabid Knuckles fans out there." - When she's trying to convince Knuckles to join the tournament from "Prize Fights"
  • "The President's aid threw in the towel!" - After the Black Knight wins from "Prize Fights"
  • "(They know something...)" - After she sees Black-Suited Agents behind her from "Running Out of Time"
  • "Looks like this story's ending. But I still haven't figured out who you really are." - Talking to Mister Stewart after seeing the energy from Space Colony Ark from "Running Out of Time"