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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Archie Comics continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.
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Quotation1 ...It's that all it takes is one bad day you'd be just like me. Quotation2
Scourge the Hedgehog, Sonic the Hedgehog #172
Scourge the Hedgehog
Scourge the Hedgehog Profile
Scourge the Hedgehog, from Sonic the Hedgehog #160.
First appearance

Sonic the Hedgehog #11

Real-world designer(s)

Ken Penders

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Scourge the Hedgehog, formerly known as Anti-Sonic or Evil-Sonic, is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-off comic series published by Archie Comics. In the Pre-Super Genesis Wave timeline, Scourge is the Moebius counterpart of Sonic the Hedgehog, as well as the ruler of Moebius.

In his earlier years, Scourge was little more than a rival to Sonic, with occasional fights between the two hedgehogs. However, Scourge attempted to steal the Master Emerald along with Rouge the Bat. Scourge used the Chaos Energy of the emerald to intentionally become stronger than Sonic, but after Locke punched the hedgehog while absorbing energy from the emerald, Scourge transformed into a green-hued individual that could be finally distinguished from Sonic.


Pre-Super Genesis Wave

Early Life

At about seven years old, Scourge's father, Anti-Jules Hedgehog, had promoted greatly of the Great Peace on the dimension known as Anti-Mobius. Because of this, Scourge had barely any interaction with his father, calling his father "a man with empty words".[1][2] Ten years after the beginning of the Great Peace, the dimension stagnated, giving the perfect chance for Scourge to seize control of the dimension. It is assumed Anti-Jules was assassinated by Scourge. Scourge along with Anti-Sally then threw Anti-King Max into their version of the Zone of Silence, and following that, took over the Anti-Mobius version of Mobotropolis. The only resistance of the Anti-Freedom Fighters was the kind Julian Kintobor, to which the veterinarian's SWEEPbots would clean up the trash and pollution of the Anti-Freedom Fighters.[1]


StH 011 Anti-Sonic

Scourge's appearance when he was known as "Anti-Sonic".

Before becoming Scourge, Anti-Sonic (or Evil-Sonic, as he was called) was essentially the exact same appearance as Sonic; blue fur, black and then green eyes, and six spikes on his head, but Anti-Sonic had a black leather jacket and black leather boots. Anti-Sonic also had vintage-styled shades that he wore most of the time. He was also the same height as his Mobius counterpart.

However, when Anti-Sonic became Scourge, he was changed into a green-hued fur color, most likely because of the Chaos Energy being depicted as green. Scourge had received a pair of slash marks on his torso from Locke when the Guardian attacked the hedgehog. Scourge's eye color was changed from green to blue, and his leather boots were changed to green sneakers. For a short time, shortly before being thrown into the Zone Jail, Scourge wore a crown-like object on his head, which was gray with three spikes rising on it.


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