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Quotation1 Madman? Hehehe. Silly Shade. I'm not a man. I'm your destroyer! Quotation2
Prefect Scylla, Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood[1]

Prefect Scylla (スキュラ・ザ・ギゾイド Sukyura za Gizoido?, lit. "Scylla the Gizoid") is one of the two prefect Gizoids of the Nocturnus Clan, the other one being Charyb. Scylla uses fire-based attacks to take down his opponents, as opposed to Charyb, who uses water-based attacks. His POW moves are Immunity, Regenerate and Mighty Slash.


He faced Knuckles' team on Nocturne in order to prevent them from draining the water in Charyb's lair, which would allow Sonic's group to defeat him. Although he was powerful, they managed to defeat him and assist Sonic's team.


Scylla is the opposite of Charyb; playful and and mischievous. He was said to have been "always a madman" as stated by Shade, which is proven by his maniacal laughter in almost every sentence and his eyes lit as if one eyelid is partially closed. Scylla also insults Knuckles by calling him a porcupine when his team first encounters him, but correctly refers to him as an echidna later.


Number of actions 3
HP 700
Speed 42
Attack 40
Defense 50
Luck 24
Damage 80
Armor 30
Resistance Fire (25%)
Ice (25%)
Lightning (10%)
Wind (10%)
Weakness Earth (25%)
Water (75%)



  • Prefect Scylla is named after the fire beast Scylla, from the Greek mythology story "The Odyssey".
  • One of the sections of the Twilight Cage is named after Scylla.
  • Even though Nestor said that Gizoids were never named, this Gizoid was given a name.


  1. Prefect Scylla answering to Shade calling him a madman.

Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood

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