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Sea Gate is the tutorial stage in Sonic Heroes.


The stage is a canyon-like stage set near the sea that bares resemblance of Green Hill Zone via its checkerboard style cliff surfaces and grassy paths. Some of these paths also seem to engrave arrows which point the general direction the player should head towards to reach the goal.


As a tutorial level, Omochao will teach the player them the basic gameplay mechanics of Sonic Heroes, including each formation, their movesets and how they can be used to traverse sections and/or fight enemies throughout the level. The score is not recorded for this stage.

Team Rose automatically goes through Sea Gate as a mandatory tutorial before Seaside Hill, while Team Sonic can opt to run through the level via the "Tutorial" option on the 1P Play menu screen.



Sonic Heroes - "Seaside Hill Vs

Sonic Heroes - "Seaside Hill Vs. (E3 Demo)"

Sea Gate 29

Sea Gate 29

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