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Seaside Hill (シーサイドヒル Shīsaido Hiru?) is the sixth Stage in the console/PC version of Sonic Generations. It represents Sonic Heroes in the Dreamcast Era of the game. Enemies such as the Egg Pawn return.


This stage has some references to other stages, like Hydrocity Zone, Jungle Joyride, Ocean Palace and Labyrinth Zone. It is exclusive to the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC versions. Modern Sonic speeds through this zone along looping alabaster highways and aquaplaning over the water as in Adabat, and may choose to either jump along the backs of giant turtles or drive a go-kart on a suspended road. Classic Sonic, meanwhile, takes to the submarine underground in temple sections reminiscent of Hydrocity Zone and Labyrinth Zone and has to run away from giant spiked rolling stones towards the end. As both Sonics can be underwater for good portions of the level, air bubbles are also back in this zone. This issue can be remedied for Classic Sonic if the player has the Aqua Shield equipped.


Act 1

The Kaos from Ocean Palace returns in this level. There are also underwater portions making allusions to Hydrocity Zone and Labyrinth Zone. Surfing was also hinted at as a power-up for either Classic or Modern Sonic in this stage, but this feature is not present in the final released game. A Kao from Heroes also appears in Act 1, trying to crush Classic Sonic during the Act.

Red Star Rings locations

Red Star Ring #1 Get to the higher ground by taking the top route and hitting the fish. If you take the bottom route, make your way to the area where you activate the switch to get the platform moving. Get on the second platform and when it is at its highest peak, jump up and aim for the left. You should hit TV.

Head to the right and stay above the water. Follow these platforms and enter the cannon. Follow them until you find a TV and a Red Ring. Get on the blocks and move up and down. Wait for blocks to sink and claim the prize. This is an achievement.

Red Star Ring #2 After the first ring, make your way past the trap and get out of the water. You should see a fish, jump up and into the ground. Your goal is to hit this fish when it is at highest elevation. Jump to get to the floating platform and cannon which will fire you toward the next ring.

Don’t sweat if you don’t make it. Take the lower path and make your way to area with Spiked Floor. Jump up to the ground above and turn around to spin dash jump over the gap and up to the ramp. You should see the ring here, get it and move on.

Red Star Ring #3 Time to make a choice. You can either take this ring or drop and get the next. Stick to the upper route and stay on top. It will get tricky as platforms get smaller so try to keep up here but eventually find yourself with a flying electric robot and a cannon beneath it. Kill the bug and reach the next cannon. You can use this cannon to get to the next ring.

Red Star Ring #4 Take the bottom route from the last ring to reach this ring. It’s in the watery maze. Make your way till you see a red hoop, follow it and keep to this upper path.

You will hit the cannon eventually. This will take you to another cannon which will lead you to the middle route of this place, away from the watery maze. This maze will lead you to the ring blocked by Black Spiked Ball.

Red Star Ring #5 When you a set of rolling stones (second) starts making its way toward you, look for the red hoop and jump to the most platform to get this ring.

Act 2

In 3D sections, running on water is a feature. The moving ruins from the original Seaside Hill return in this level, as well as the Egg Pawns, with some new enemies like Spinners. Some Quick Step sections similar to ones featured in Jungle Joyride and Planet Wisp makes an appearance as well. At one point the player can choose to go through a kart section (reminiscent of the Bobsled sections from the original stage) or jump across several turtles similar to Ocean Palace.

Red Star Rings locations

Red Star Ring #1 Make your way down to the path and find some hoops. To the left side with Hazard and follow the path till you reach the end with a Robot. You will find the ring behind it so defeat him to get it.

Red Star Ring #2 Make your way up till you find enemies that bounce off. Look for one with a wall kickable panel. You will find red ring on him so home attack and make your way to the wall to get it.

Red Star Ring #3 Drop down a Cannon and follow it until you see Rainbow hoops. Hit those and move on to hit the next. When you see a ramp, boost through it and go straight up. You will encounter an enemy. Use the pulley to get up. You will find the red ring in front of you past floating platforms.

Red Star Ring #4 Get to the Loop-de-loops with symbols over them. Look for the Race Car symbol and hit that loop. You will find it on the left side near the end of the track.

Red Star Ring #5 Stay on the upper route after the race track. You will be running along the walls, avoid spikes and go past the checkpoint. Wall kick above those moving pillars and get to the top of the platform. You should see a Green enemy flying there – use that to get to the ring. You need to speed through this area as the ceiling is falling. You will hit a railing and a hoop, and when you land, do a quick jump dash to get the ring at the end.

Challenge Acts

Act 1

Act 2

  • Rouge: The Temptress: Press Triangle/Y to have Rouge take out enemies using her wiles and reach the goal in time.
  • Doppelganger Race!: Face of against Sonic's double and beat him in a race to the goal.
  • Trick Island: Use Rainbow Rings to pull off enough tricks and reach the goal in time.
  • Surf, Sea, and Sand: Take on various course and find your way to the goal before time runs out.
  • Terror From the Deep: Skim the water's surface and try not to get chomped by a giant Chopper. Get to the goal in time!



  • Certain parts of Act 1 are much like sections of Hydrocity Zone and Labyrinth Zone. Perhaps this is Sega's way of providing more variety to the levels, as they most likely knew that certain levels would look too similar to each other. This also makes Seaside Hill the obligatory "Water Level" that appears in most Sonic games, though it's like Aquatic Ruin Zone in which more experienced players can get through the stage without touching barely any water at all.
  • Seaside Hill Act 2 forbids the player from taking unnecessary shortcuts. The water around the stage is marked off by buoys, and whilst Modern Sonic can run on water, if he ventures outside of the safety area, the player will have approximately 2 seconds to make it back between the buoys or the surface or a Giant Chopper will emerge from the sea and eat Sonic, causing him to lose a life.
    • Though most likely a glitch, the player can reset the time it takes to eat Sonic whole if the player allows Sonic to drop slightly underwater although it is very risky as the player may be fully submerged underwater and lose a life.
  • Unlike in Sonic Heroes, Tails and Knuckles are not playable.
    • As a result, the kart controls are modified. Only Sonic rides the kart, and it is possible to boost while using it.
    • The kart segment is similar to Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing, as Seaside Hill was redone into a race course for that game.
  • This stage can be debated as Ocean Palace as well as Seaside Hill, as it not only contains portions of the Ocean Palace level, but also shares its music in Act 2.
  • This level is placed in the Dreamcast era, despite not appearing on said console. This was done to make each era have an equal number of levels.
  • The Egg Pawn is the only returning enemy in this stage, since the Spinners and Choppers never appeared in this stage.
    • Strangely, Spinners replace the Flappers as the flying enemy.
  • This is the only level in the Dreamcast era that doesn't take place in a city.
  • In Act 1, if Sonic has the Bubble Shield on, bounce on a certain platform in the water near a big wall and you are able to get to the top. If the player succeeds this and then jump off to the other side to the cannon, the ground in the next section of the level is invisible.
  • A remix of this level appears in the background of the mobile game, Sonic Dash.


Song Name Music Track Length
Seaside Hill: Act 1
Seaside Hill Classic
Seaside Hill: Act 2
Seaside Hill Modern
Seaside Hill (White World)
Seaside Hill Hub


Sonic Generations Seaside Hill (Classic) 1'47"32 1080 HD02:18

Sonic Generations Seaside Hill (Classic) 1'47"32 1080 HD

Sonic Generations Seaside Hill (Modern) 1080 HD02:30

Sonic Generations Seaside Hill (Modern) 1080 HD

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